Outlander ending: Is Outlander season 6 the final season? Star reveals uncertain future

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Outlander fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes of the hit time-travelling drama on Starz after season six was confirmed. However, some viewers are eager to know whether the show will be returning for many more seasons after this or not. Some of the cast and crew opened up about their hopes during a recent PaleyFest panel – here’s what was revealed.

Is Outlander season 6 the final season?

Season six of Outlander has already been greenlit by Starz with filming set to begin on it earlier this year.

However, this was delayed by the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19, which meant it was unable to begin production.

Now restrictions are beginning to ease, the show is set to pick up again soon as production starts again.

But while fans are excited for what the new outing will bring to life from Diana Gabaldon’s sixth novel, some will be eager to know what the future holds.

In fact, while Gabaldon is currently writing her ninth of 10 novels in the world of Outlander, the show’s future has not yet been confirmed beyond season six.

Starz has yet to renew the show for a seventh season, which might leave some anxious about what this could mean.

However, the show’s stars and creators have confirmed they want the series to keep going.

Speaking at a recent panel at PaleyFest 2020, executive producer Matt Roberts revealed this when discussing what season six would hold.

He said: “It’s such an amazing thing to have six seasons of any TV series nowadays.

“So knock on wood that we get more but you know, getting to book six was for me one of those things like ‘wow, this is such an amazing thing, that we can tell this story.’

“It’s Meril’s [Davis, executive producer] favourite book, I love so much in it and I know that a lot of the fans who have read the book really like it too.”

Davis added: “We’ve been on a lot of television series and we know the ups and downs.


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“You don’t usually make it this far but we’re very lucky that we have so many of our original members with us.”

Therefore, it seems at the moment, the people behind the show are hopeful for another outing but it has not yet been confirmed.

So far the show has followed Gabaldon’s books for roughly a novel per season, which looks set to continue with the new outing.

At this rate, the series would be expected to run for four more seasons on Starz to get to the final book.

This has not yet been confirmed as the network usually waits until a season has aired before making a decision about its future.

At the moment, it doesn’t seem likely Outlander will be back before 2021.

Therefore, viewers might be waiting a little while longer in order to find out the show’s future.

As a result, fans will just have to keep hoping the series continues on for many more outings yet.

In the meantime, Roberts did reveal what to expect about season six, teasing: “There are going to be joys but as Diana [Gabaldon] can speak to this, there is going to be drama.

“There is going to be suffering, there is going to be tears, all of the above.”

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Amazon’s Prime Video.

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