Peter Andre says son Junior, 15, has been confined to his bed for days as he battles coronavirus

PETER Andre has shed some more light on his 15-year-old son Junior's coronavirus battle – revealing he has been confined to his bed for days.

The 48-year-old star previously shared that the teen isn't eating after losing his appetite and suffering "really bad headaches" due to the deadly virus.

Opening up, the concerned dad explained that the timing was particularly bad as Junior has his alternative GCSE exams this week.

He said: "Although many people have had it a lot worse, he ended up spending four days in bed with a lot of body aches, a sore throat, and a bad headache.

"Thankfully he is starting to feel better now. He and Princess have been doing two lateral flow tests a week for school, so Junior testing positive meant a lot of kids from his school also had to self-isolate."

Peter added in his New magazine column: "Junior also has his alternative GCSE exams this week, so it hasn't been the best timing, but he started revising again as soon as he felt well enough.

"I told him to just do his best and he will be fine, as long as he puts the effort in."

Junior was bed-bound in the latest The Andres family YouTube vlog, with Peter giving a brief glimpse of his son resting up in a darkened room.

And last week, the schoolboy told followers that he "didn't want to die" after sharing his experience with the illness in an Instagram Live.

Despite insisting that the illness wasn't severe for him, Junior was clearly in a reflective mood when quizzed if he was worried about dying.

Junior told the fan: "Don’t manifest it. Listen, if it happens it happens. But I know God wants me to live my life to the finish, so I’m not gonna die from Covid and if I do, I do. I don’t wanna die."

Going into detail about his symptoms, Junior admitted he was confused about why he had them as a teenager, as he believed just adults suffered with it.

He said: "I've got Covid. And for some reason I have, like, symptoms. Normally minors don’t get symptoms. It’s not severe… it’s just annoying."

Junior is self-isolating at home with Peter, stepmum Emily, and half-siblings Amelia and Theo.

His sister Princess, 13, thankfully appeared to be out of the house when they were told to isolate, and has been staying with their mum Katie Price.

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