Piers Morgan's wife says they plan to throw 'the mother of all post-pandemic parties' in the summer after intimate Xmas

PIERS Morgan's wife says the couple will throw "the mother of all post-pandemic parties" in the summer.

Celia Walden revealed plans to celebrate once coronavirus is a distant memory – instead of getting together with family this Christmas.

The journalist told ITV's This Morning today she is having "intimate" festivities with Piers and their daughter Elise, nine, this year – despite the Government is allowing three households to come together for five days over Christmas.

Celia said: "I think it's very sad, I'm sad about all of it.

"It's difficult because Piers has a huge family, then suddenly who do you pick? It's like weddings – and that's going to lead to arguments.

"We thought it would be cleaner, this one year, to do it very, very intimately with just us three.

"Then we can throw the mother of all post-pandemic parties in the summer or something."

Cheeky host Phillip Schofield teased: "Trapped with Piers at Christmas. What did you do to deserve that?"

Holly Willoughby added: "You must have been a bad girl."

Celia hit back: "I married him."

In the same debate about seeing extended family this Christmas, Phillip admitted he is at "breaking point" over the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

"Everyone's at breaking point," said Phillip on today's show.

"I know I am, actually, as a matter of fact.

"I am quite happy to speak for a lot of people and say I've had enough.

"I will follow the rules, but I've had enough.

"As far as everyone's mental health is concerned, taking a little slice of Christmas is going to be good for everyone."

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