'Power Book II: Ghost': Will Larenz Tate Return for Season 2?

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 is set to debut on Starz in November 2021 and the stakes couldn’t be higher. This season, Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) will still be trying to earn his degree at the prestigious Stansfield University as his alliance with the Tejada crime family gets increasingly more toxic and dangerous.

The 18-year-old will slowly be stepping into his father, James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s (Omari Hardwick) footsteps, a role that he’s battled for years, as his relationships get increasingly more complicated. While Mary J. Blige and Clifford “Method Man” Smith are set to reprise their roles as Monet Tejada and Davis McClean respectively, will Larenz Tate also return for season 2?

Who is Larenz Tate’s character Rashad Tate in the ‘Power’ Universe?

Tate is known for his roles in films like Love Jones and Why Do Fools Fall in Love? among others. However, the Chicago-born actor has never portrayed anyone quite like Rashad Tate. The New York City councilman appeared in the final seasons of Power. Determined to run for Governor of New York, he seemed like a typical politician at first, aligning himself with James “Ghost” St. Patrick to finance his campaign and to look good in the public eye.

However, Power fans soon discovered that Tate was determined to win his race at any cost, even if it meant stealing, lying, or killing. In the end, his tactics nearly lost him the Governer’s mansion. However, amid Ghost’s death he was able to get back in the running for the next race.

However, Tate’s affiliation with Ghost and his own desperate need for power has officially corrupted him beyond belief.

Will Larenz Tate be in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 2?

Tate briefly appeared in Power Book II: Ghost when he attended Ghost’s funeral, now fans expect to see much more of him in the second season of the show. In his Instagram stories, Rainey has hinted that Tate has returned to his role as the crooked politician. Moreover, Lahmard Tate, Larenz Tate’s real life brother who starred as Kamaal Tate, Rashad Tate’s NYPD bother in Power has also landed a recurring role in Power Book II: Ghost.

Fans will recall that in an act of desperation, Rashad put a hit out on Ghost. When one of the assailants was killed and the other came back to Rashad for revenge, Khammal shoots him thinking his brother is being mugged. In doing so the police officer thrust himself into Rashad’s web of lies. “Kamaal is once again doling out brotherly advice following Rashad’s gubernatorial loss and, for once, it seems to take as Kamaal watches his little brother take on a new role serving the people,” the Starz press release for season 2 reads. “Until Kamaal’s brought in on the investigation at Stansfield and he finds himself with a front-row seat for another one of Rashad’s escapades — but this time, Kamaal’s own career may be on the line.”

When will ‘Power Book V: Influence’ premiere?

While the second season of Power Book II: Ghost is set to focus on the collision of Tariq’s school life with his drug life, it could also be setting the stage for Power Book V: Influence. Unlike the rest of the Power Universe, we haven’t seen any glimpse or heard any talk from the Rashad Tate-focused series.

“Who knows if you’re gonna see him pop up somewhere,” Larenz Tate told The Jasmine Brand. “The moment I know what’s happening, y’all will know what’s happening.”

From what we know, Influence will center Tate’s crooked race to the governor’s mansion and from what we can tell, he will do anything to get there.

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