Quentin Tarantino Wanted to Direct This Classic Horror Movie Franchise He Thought Was Too Tame

Quentin Tarantino typically isn’t the type of filmmaker to try his hand at franchise filmmaking. He has a signature style that works remarkably well within his own storytelling universe. However, Tarantino joins plenty of conversations surrounding the horror genre. He once opened up about the one time he would have loved to direct the first installment of a classic horror movie franchise. The world of horror would never be the same.

Quentin Tarantino makes genre filmmaking

The closest Tarantino has come to making a horror movie is Death Proof. However, he frequently blends genres together to create most of his movies, which can never be placed in a single box. Death Proof is an example of how he manages to successfully intertwine some horror elements into an action thriller to create something unique to him.

Tarantino certainly isn’t afraid to have fountains of blood flying everywhere on his sets. Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Inglourious Basterds are examples of just how violent his movies can get. However, none of his movies are pure horror, which some fans absolutely yearn for from his filmography. Perhaps he will tackle the genre in the future.

Quentin Tarantino admits one horror movie franchise he wanted to direct

Vulture interviewed Tarantino to talk about The Hateful Eight and his prior filmography up to that point. They asked him a wide array of questions that include the future of his career. Vulture asked the filmmaker if there are any franchises that he would like to direct. Tarantino brought up a classic horror franchise, although no one reached out to him about the gig at the time.

“I could have imagined doing the first Scream,” Tarantino said. “The Weinsteins were trying to get Robert Rodriguez to do it. I don’t even think they thought I would be interested. I actually didn’t care for Wes Craven’s direction of it. I thought he was the iron chain attached to its ankle that kept it earthbound and stopped it from going to the moon.”

It’s wild to imagine what Tarantino’s Scream would look like. The world would certainly have a very different movie that likely would have gone all out regarding the movie’s level of violence.

A horror film could follow-up ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

Tarantino continues to stand his ground that he will retire after his next movie. The filmmaker still believes that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is his ninth feature film, which the next film will expand the filmography to 10 titles. Journalists continue to ask Tarantino what he’s going to make for his final movie. However, he’s still figuring that out himself.

Fans would love to see Tarantino finally dive into a horror film for his final movie. The Oscar-winning writer hasn’t rejected that idea, so it’s still on the table as a potential option. Tarantino has a genre-bending style that would lend very nicely to the genre.

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