Coronation Street fans fume over soap’s ‘ridiculous’ Christmas episode ‘Waste of an hour’

Coronation Street: Tyrone fights Phill in the street

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On Christmas Day, ITV viewers tuned in to watch the festive special of Coronation Street. Fans were thrilled as the instalment saw the return of Roy Cropper (Played by David Neilson). The episode also saw Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) fight with Fiz Stape’s (Jennie McAlpine) boyfriend Phill (Jamie Kenna) in the street. However, things quickly took a turn and the soap ended with the residents singing Christmas songs on the cobbles.

Tyrone ended up chasing Phill down the street with a water pistol as they argued over Fiz.

“Right, truce,” Phill said to Tyrone in a bid to calm things down.

“Truce,” Tyrone agreed as he launched another attack on his love rival.

As Tyrone tried to take a swing for Phill, Fiz’s boyfriend managed to stop the mechanic by putting his hand on his head.

“Swing away,” Phill taunted.

However, the tables suddenly turned on the duo when Kevin’s son joined in and started attacking the pair of them with a water pistol.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Fiz raged, as she spotted the pair fighting.

Phill replied: “I am defending your honour. He said he was trying to kiss you.”

“Right, for one, I don’t need my honour defending. Stop it,” Fiz raged.

Despite their disagreement, the episode ended with Tyrone and Phill making amends.

The duo joined the rest of the residents on the cobbles to have a Christmas sing-song.

While some viewers praised the “happy” episode, others were left disappointed.

Fans took to social media to share their frustrations, and many had the same complaint. 

Kelly raged: “Christmas episode, it was all over the place, no real story to it, Barlow/Platt dinner was ridiculous with everyone coming and going… lorry load of nonsense. As for Tyrone and Phil fighting in the street… more like a panto.”

Oli pointed out: “Catching up… That was an awfully Christmas episode – nothing of note happened at all! It was less interesting than an average weekday episode.”

User Fuzzy Dreamer asked: “That was a weird #Corrie. Was it filmed in a lockdown that I didn’t know about??”

Sam tweeted: “It was like #corrie decided not to bother with a storyline today, and just sit back and let #Eastenders have the glory today.” (sic)

Anhar simply penned: “What a waste of an hour.”

While user Newt added: “The soaps have been pretty dire tonight – I’m disappointed.”

However, not all viewers were unimpressed by the episode, as many were thrilled that the instalment featured a happy ending for once.

Sophie penned: “I wish they’d make #Corrie as happy as this every Christmas! It felt like a real Christmas Day for once. Loved it!”

Lynn praised: “Christmas Day #corrie was brilliant, loads of love and laughs, family arguments and trying to get out of spending time with certain people, never a truer Christmas. So much better than tragedy. @itvcorrie.” (sic)

While Gemma penned: “Great episode nice to see a happy ending singing.”

Coronation Street airs on Boxing Day at 7.30pm on ITV.
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