Resident Alien Season 2 to Premiere in January, Will Be Split in Two Parts

Harry Vanderspeigle is about to crash-land on planet Earth once again: Season 2 of Resident Alien is set to premiere Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 9/8c, Syfy announced Thursday.

The premiere will be simulcasted on both USA Network and Syfy, while the remainder of episodes will air solely on the latter network. The season will be split in two, with Part 1 concluding March 16 and additional episodes following in the summer.

In Season 2, Harry (Alan Tudyk) is once again stranded on Earth where he must confront the consequences of failing his people’s mission to destroy the human race.

“On his new quest to protect the people of Earth, Harry struggles to hold on to his alien identity as his human emotions grow stronger by the day,” reads the official description. “In an adventure that takes Harry and Asta (Sara Tomko) all the way to New York City, Asta brings Harry into the arms of someone he can call family. Back in Patience, Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds) and Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) find themselves closer to unraveling the mystery of Sam Hodges’s murder.”

As TVLine exclusively reported, three-time Emmy winner Alex Borstein (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) has been cast as Carlyn, Kate Hawthorne’s “frizzy-haired, right-brained laser-physicist” cousin from out of town, who immediately sets her sights on Harry.

In the Season 1 finale, Harry was forced to finally decide whether to carry out his initial plan of destroying mankind. With his device intact and ready to annihilate, Harry’s humanity tugged at his heartstrings, and thanks in part to a plea from Asta, he opted to leave Earth just as he found it. But after blasting off into space, he discovered little Max tucked away in his spaceship cabin, thereby booking his return trip to Colorado.

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