Riverdale Time Jump Preview: Archie Goes Off to War, Veronica's Married… and What's Wrong With Betty?

Life after high school looks mighty different for the Riverdale teens midtwentysomethings.

Next Wednesday’s episode kicks off a much-anticipated time jump of seven years for the CW drama, picking up with Archie and the gang after their college years. A new preview gives us our first glimpse at what they’re all up to in the future — and they’ve certainly grown up, haven’t they?

After enlisting in the Army, Archie goes off to fight in a war (on what looks like a football field?), and we see him laid up in a military hospital, with an officer asking him if he’s “ready to go home.” Jughead is a published writer, but he seems to be struggling with writer’s block, trashing his work and yelling in frustration. Oh, and Veronica is married (!) to some new guy named Chadwick, and he and Archie have an awkward meeting.

But strangest of all, Betty goes the Clarice Starling route, joining the FBI and training with a run through the woods. A therapist, though, says that she suffered “severe trauma,” and we see flashes of Betty being held captive by some creep, Buffalo Bill-style. (Does The CW know that Clarice is airing this month on CBS, too?) “Wow… lots of catching up to do,” Archie says with a smile. We’ll say.

In another trailer posted Thursday, Riverdale also offered a look ahead at the rest of Season 5, with Archie returning home to find the town of Riverdale in ruins as Hiram declares the town “hereby dissolved.” Archie and Toni join forces to “bring this town back to life” as Cheryl sits behind a desk that says “Ms. Topaz” (!) and Betty is attacked by a man with a chainsaw (!!). Oh, and is that a mustache on Jughead’s upper lip? We have so many questions…

Riverdale‘s first time-jump episode airs Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 8/7c on The CW. Press PLAY on the videos above for a sneak peek, and then hit the comments and share your first impressions of Riverdale‘s big leap forward.

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