SEAL Team season 5 release time: What time is the new season out?

SEAL Team: Sneak peak released ahead of season five

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SEAL Team season five is going to be the show’s shortest yet, as only 14 episodes of the military drama are going to air over the next few months. The programme’s return has been highly anticipated since season four came to an end back in May and despite the coronavirus pandemic prompting delays across the television industry, the season premiere has managed to return to its usual October slot. With the first episode airing this weekend, it’s only mere hours until season five is going to be released on CBS.

What time is SEAL Team season five being released?

Season five is set to see the SEAL Team take on more daring missions, which will explore much darker themes and be longer in length.

The action which the Bravo team are implicated in therefore has to air much later in the evening as it features more adult content.

For this reason, the first episode of the new season will begin at 10pm Eastern Time and 9pm according to Central Time.

With an air date of Sunday, October 10, 2021, the return of the military-based show will provide viewers with a thrilling ending to their weekend.

Although a UK release date and network to air season five has not been announced, the time it broadcasts in the US will equal to 5am in Britain.

However, this is not a new time slot for the programme as it usually airs later in the evening but it is being broadcast on a different day of the week.

For season four, the premiere aired on a Wednesday, with each episode airing on the same weekday until the finale in May.

This was the same month the show was renewed for a fifth season and the cast and crew have been busy filming ever since.

Unfortunately, the number of episodes has been limited due to the restrictions imposed as a result of the pandemic because the programme is set all over the world.

Will SEAL Team season five air on CBS?

At the moment, only four episodes have been slated for the upcoming season, with the fourth instalment airing on October 31, 2021.

These editions of the military-based drama will air on CBS but for the remaining 10 episodes, the show is being given a new home.

It was reported earlier this year Paramount Plus has obtained the rights to the programme and will be broadcasting the drama from episode five onwards.

This is a subscription-based service, meaning only members who pay for the streaming platform will be able to access the new instalments.

The release day will be staying the same as a new episode will be made available every Sunday, however, timings could be a little different.

As streaming platforms do not have time restorations for when adult content can start airing, it is likely the dramatic instalments will be released during the day.

It is up to fans when they want to watch the episode and as it is a weekend, it is more likely viewers will watch on the same day the episodes are released.

This will also mean viewers across the world can watch the episodes the same day, rather than waiting for the episodes to air on each countries television network.

What will happen in SEAL Team season five episode one?

The first episode will be one-half of a two-parter entitled Trust But Verify, and a training mission isn’t what it seems.

It will be revealed to the team they are actually going on a covert mission to obtain an expert weapons dealer from a dangerous situation.

Despite stating they were moving to Texas at the end of season four, Sonny Quinn (played by AJ Buckley) and

Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) are still in the thick of the action.

Fans will surely learn why the pair stayed and will also discover if the Bravo team can pull off one of the most challenging missions of their life.

SEAL Team season five premieres on CBS on October 10. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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