Shetland’s Tosh ‘planned’ caravan explosion as clue fuels fan theory

Shetland: Douglas Henshall on being apart from family

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Last week, viewers were left with a cliffhanger as Tosh (played by Alison O’Donnell) was seen trying to escape from a caravan which exploded into flames. Shetland fans were relieved to tune into Wednesday’s episode this week and discover quickly that Tosh had somehow escaped the blast. However, the detective was clearly suffering after what had happened to her and kept getting flashbacks about being trapped. Viewers were quick to point out that Tosh, although in denial “needs help”. Many were also scratching their heads as to how she made it out of the caravan in time – could she be hiding something?

In the latest instalment, Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall) had been trying to work out what had happened to a missing youngster.

Tosh was adamant she didn’t need to take any time off work and was keen to be by his side helping him try to solve the mysterious case.

However, she was clearly distracted and kept having to rush off in a panic to calm herself down.

At one point, she was digging for information from people who knew about missing Connor Cairns (Nicholas Nunn), and it became clear she wasn’t coping well.

A friend of Donnie’s (Angus Miller) bumped into her and asked how she was, and the act dropped as she fell apart when nobody was watching.

“Tosh, how are you feeling?” the woman asked, to Tosh’s dismay. She replied dismissively: “Fine.”

“Donnie told me what happened last night,” the friend explained. “It must have been terrifying.”

“It really wasn’t that bad,” Tosh responded, before being told: “Donnie seemed to think it was. He was really worried about you this morning.”

When she was asked how it had happened, Tosh looked terrified and quickly made an excuse to leave.

When she was finally alone, she struggled to catch her breath and had a flashback of being stuck in the vehicle.

It became clear Tosh was struggling to come to terms with the frightening incident, but could there be something more she is hiding?

It didn’t take long for viewers to express their concerns about the staple character.

Twitter user @signoramac wrote: “Tosh keeping up appearances but falling apart. She needs help…no one thought of that?  #Shetland.”

@crazy_b****88 commented: “Something nae right with Tosh #Shetland.” (sic)

@misterjaydee echoed this, sharing: “Something’s not right with Tosh. Y’know, aside from the obvious. #Shetland.”

“Something is not quite right with her, is it? #Shetland,” @signoramac also pointed out.

@FeistyMorag penned: “Oh, #Tosh I’m happy you’re alive, but you’re gonna have to let Donnie in on this one. #Shetland.” (sic)

Leanne O’Connor asked: “Why is Tosh not telling the truth? #Shetland.”

@PolygoniaSpec theorised: “Still think the bomb was for Connor and someone helped Tosh out. Let’s see #Shetland.”

@NomadicWriter remarked: “Oh Tosh! You’re kidding yourself. Her colleagues need to realise that she’s suffering from #PTSD due to trauma of bomb blast. #Shetland.” (sic)

It seems clear Tosh needs to take a break from work to recover from the terrifying ordeal, but there could be something else she is keeping from her colleagues.

Shetland continues on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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