Home and Away‘s Colby Thorne faces another life-threatening situation later this month, as Ebony Easton hatches her latest revenge plan.

Colby (Tim Franklin) falls into a trap when he starts receiving messages from someone who’s claiming to be his missing sister Bella.

Despite Robbo (Jake Ryan) correctly warning that the mystery person is probably Ebony, an unsettled Colby still can’t resist investigating and heads off for a meeting with his unknown contact.

When Colby arrives at the house he’s been told to visit, he’s shellshocked to spot glittery letters spelling Bella’s name on the front of a bedroom door.

As Colby heads inside the room, he finds that the walls inside have been plastered from top to bottom with Bella’s missing poster – another cruel stunt from Ebony (Cariba Heine).

Colby also spots a CCTV camera in the corner of the room and realises that he’s being watched, just as he hears Ebony’s voice from a walkie-talkie.

Although Colby tries his best to talk Ebony round as they communicate via the walkie-talkie, it’s no use as she pours petrol beneath the door and prepares to light it.

Fortunately for Colby, Robbo is already on the case and arrives on the scene in a dramatic rescue attempt. Will Ebony finally be dealt with once and for all?

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday, August 20 and Tuesday, August 21 at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, the Palmers and Raffy worry after hearing that Ty Anderson’s mother wants to see him.

After Ty (Darius Williams) turns 16, they receive contact from the foster agency with the big news that Ty’s mum is hoping to get back in contact.

Ty makes the decision that he doesn’t want to see his mother as he fears being rejected all over again, but Marilyn and Raffy aren’t so sure that it’s the right choice.

John (Shane Withington) is particularly irritated by Marilyn’s attitude towards the situation, wondering why she wants to run the risk of tearing their new family apart.

Marilyn insists that’s not what she wants, but she still can’t resist taking matters into her own hands by driving off to meet Ty’s mother for herself.

Marilyn’s impulsive decision paves the way for the arrival of Ty’s mum Jodi the following week, played by Sara Zwangobani.

Home and Away airs these scenes on Friday, August 24 at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5.

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