Note: The following article contains spoilers for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

Stan Lee turning up for a funny cameo has become a staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so much so that now he’s turning up in another comic book movie franchise too!

The legendary Marvel Comics editor recently made his first-ever appearance in a DC Entertainment movie when he briefly popped up — in animated form — in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

According to Inverse, the in-joke occurs during a scene when the Teen Titans visit Warner Bros Studios in Hollywood and become starstruck seeing lots of famous faces wandering the lot.

Among them is none other than an elderly man with a trademark white moustache, who stomps up to the cameras and declares: “This is Stan Lee — dig my subtle cameo! This is a DC movie? I gotta get outta here!”

Lee provided his own voice for the scene, with the animated caricature appearing a second time later in the film during the Titans’ final battle sequence to brag about his love of cameos.

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The 95-year-old comics legend’s cameo in a DC project shouldn’t actually be too surprising, since he pitched one himself around the time of Batman vs Superman‘s release a few years ago.

“DC could probably make a lot more money with Superman and Batman if they announced that I’d have a cameo in it,” he argued.

“People wouldn’t believe it they’d have to go to the theatre to see it!”

We’ll let you figure out how Stan’s cameo in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies factors into the grand unifying theory of his screen appearances…

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is now playing in US cinemas and opens in the UK on Friday (August 3).

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