Susanna Reid warns Lady Hervey ‘that’s enough’ as she ends interview

GMB: Susanna Reid scolds Prince Andrew’s ex during debate

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Prince Andrew’s ex, Lady Victoria Hervey, appeared on Good Morning Britain to join a debate over whether the disgraced royal can ever “clear his name” through charity work, as the late Queen Elizabeth II reportedly suggested. Victoria defended her ex and began to strongly argue against the sexual assault claims made against him, insisting alleged victims were “liars”. Susanna Reid was forced to shut down the conversation.

Victoria fiercely defended Prince Andrew and asked the public to “give him a break”.

She began to suggest Virginia Giuffre had been lying in her claims against the royal and was repeatedly asked by Susanna to stop making unsubstantiated statements.

Barrister and equality campaigner Dr Charlotte Proudman also appeared to discuss her views, but wasn’t able to say much because Victoria kept interrupting her.

Eventually, Susanna cut in: “I’m going to bring the interview to an end because you cannot smear victims of sex trafficking who’ve already been through hell.”

“No, I believe some of them may have been true,” Victoria argued. “But some of them are not true.”

Turning to Charlotte, she argued: “In this case, I’m not doing an overall thing as you’re a lawyer and I respect everything that you’re saying.

“But in this particular case, I do have major whistleblowers coming out to me that know these girls.”

“These are very serious accusations to be making,” Charlotte pointed out.

“I know they are and I wouldn’t be telling you this…” Victoria added.

Charlotte explained: “What we do know is that Prince Andrew was friends with two convicted sex offenders, and one of them at the time was convicted but he continued to use his power and privilege-“

“But look at Virginia,” Victoria cut in, but Susanna’s patience had reached the end of her tether.

“Victoria that’s enough!” she snapped. “I’m sorry, I have to bring that to an end.”

The presenter explained: “You’ve made some very serious allegations. The fact of the matter is, as our barrister here-“

“Let’s see what happens then,” a relentless Victoria interrupted once again.

Dismissing the remark, Susanna continued: “As our barrister here at the desk reminds everybody, there are convictions in this case and we’re not going to take issue with those…”

“Right.. and there’s a lot of untrue facts,” Victoria persisted.

“Alright, thank you very much indeed,” a frustrated Susanna remarked.

It comes shortly after Victoria made similar claims to Piers Morgan on his TalkTV show, Uncensored.

He was forced to intervene after Victoria swore during her rant against Virginia.

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