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There's an avalanche on new shows landing on the biggest streamers in the next week.

The sunshine and heat might be back, but it knowing the weather it can change.

Luckily The Sun's TV Mag has a roundup off all the hottest shows dropping soon for you to enjoy.

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Surviving Summer

Available from Friday

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If the end of summertime is getting you down and you fancy basking in the warm glow of something sun kissed and very bingeable, don’t miss the return of this eight-part US/Aussie teen drama. It’s a year after American teenager Summer Torres (Sky Katz) first visited the stunning Australian coastal town of Shorehaven and, back in New York, she’s starting to have serious withdrawal symptoms. Having done some serious surfing practice, Summer eventually persuades her mum to take her back Down Under, where she hopes to reunite with her hunky surfer dude fella Ari Gibson (Kai Lewins). However, while the rest of the gang are blown away to have her back, things have got complicated with Ari. Will Summer’s new surfing prowess help show him what he’ll be missing?


Available from Wednesday

Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky, has certainly seen better days. Once upon a time, the likes of wrestlers-turned-Hollywood stars John Cena, Dave Bautista and Randy Orton learned their trade at the wrestling school and gym. Now, though, its future is on the line, with owner and acclaimed wrestler Al Snow finding it increasingly difficult to make the gym pay its way. As a result, he’s sold the majority stake to a group of local businessmen, including popular radio personality Matt Jones. They’ve given Al one summer to turn things around and this engaging fly-on-the-wall series follows him and the gym’s aspiring wrestlers as they try to save the iconic venue.

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Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons

Available from Friday

Raphael Rowe is one tough cookie. Not only did he spend 12 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit, he’s since made it his job to visit some of the world’s most intimidating and unpleasant prisons to give us a taste of life for the inmates. Now in its seventh series, Raphael is off to a staggeringly tough prison in the Czech Republic, a jail reserved for drug offenders in Bali Indonesia, a more liberal institution in Finland and, finally, a prison in the Solomon Islands that houses dangerous sexual offenders. As ever, it’s jaw-dropping stuff.

Selling The OC

Available now

The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County office opens its doors once again, inviting viewers in for a second season of professional and personal fireworks. If you thought the crew at the original Los Angeles office were ambitious and cut-throat, you’re in for a shock. In the first series, the OC lot managed to take things up a notch, leaving us on a cliffhanger that saw a huge falling-out between Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis on one side and Kayla Cardona, Alexandra Hall and Polly Brindle on the other. Will they still be at loggerheads when we return? And how will Tyler Stanaland’s recent divorce affect the balance between the gang? And will they have any time left to flog some fancy houses? We can’t wait to find out.

Love At First Sight

Available from Friday

For many people, a transatlantic flight is an epic struggle to get comfortable, find something good to watch and ignore the cacophonous snoring coming from the seat behind. For Hadley (Haley Lu Richardson) and Oliver (Ben Hardy), both flying from New York to London, it’s a one-in-a-million meet-the-love-of-your-life experience. After connecting at the airport, the pair fall head over heels for each other during the flight. However, when they arrive at Heathrow, they get separated at customs. Will fate find a way to bring them back together? Spoiler alert: this is a heart-melting romcom, so what do you reckon? Also stars Rob Delaney, Dexter Fletcher, Sally Phillips and Jameela Jamil.

Class Act

Available from Friday

We’re off to France for this fictionalised biographical drama about Bernard Tapie. If you’ve not heard of him, Tapie was a larger-than-life businessman, politician, singer, actor and TV host, who rose from humble French working-class beginnings to become an iconic, if controversia,l figure in his homeland. After making his fortune reviving failing companies – including Adidas – Tapie hit the headlines internationally in the early 90s when, as the owner of French football club Marseille, he was found guilty of match fixing and fraud, and sentenced to 26 months in prison. With Laurent Lafitte in the lead role, the full-throttle and colourful seven-episode series relives his remarkable rise, dramatic fall and unexpected return to public life as an actor. In French, with subtitles.


The Morning Show

Available Wednesday

Wake up and smell the coffee: The Morning Show is back on the air. Following an epic two-year wait, the third season of the glossy, star-studded drama is here and by the looks of it, life has got even <more> intense at TV network UBA. With the bombshell death of fired news anchor Mitch still casting a shadow, host Alex (Jennifer Aniston) – alongside co-presenter Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) – wants more influence at the network, much to the dismay of Cory (Billy Crudup). But a devastating cyber attack and the potential release of some toxic secrets put the company’s future in doubt. Is the lifeline offered by billionaire Paul Marks (Jon Hamm) the answer to everyone’s problems, or the final nail in the network’s coffin?


Welcome To Wrexham

Available Wednesday

The phenomenon that is Welcome To Wrexham returns, with the Welsh club’s owners – Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney – hoping to see their team make it back into the English Football League after 15 seasons away. Okay, if you’re into football, or you were a fan of the first series, chances are you already know how the 2022-23 season ended for Wrexham, and therefore how this new second series will pan out. But that doesn’t make it any the less nail-biting, breathless and, believe it or not, emotional. And that’s because, while the famous owners and players like striker Paul Mullin and keeper Ben Foster bagged all the headlines, it’s the dedication and dreams of staff and supporters off the pitch that make this such an involving watch. Up the Red Dragons!

Animals Up Close With Bertie Gregory

Available Wednesday

Wildlife filmmaker and adventurer Bertie pops the lens cap off his camera once again and sets off to capture some of the most wondrous creatures on Earth. Over six episodes, Bertie will be travelling to places like Patagonia, Botswana, the Galapagos Islands, Indonesia and the Antarctic to bring us breathtaking footage of everything from puma to killer whales, elephants to wild dogs. And because he wants it to be spectacular, he’s ready to put himself in some very uncomfortable positions to do it, including climbing mountains, diving in ice-cold seas and even sleeping while suspended 120 feet in the air.

The Other Black Girl

Available Wednesday

Demoralised and bored of being the only Black woman at the New York publishers where she works, Nella (Sinclair Daniel) is delighted and excited to meet new employee Hazel (Ashleigh Murray), who also happens to be Black. The pair immediately become friends and allies but before too long, Nella receives strange messages telling her to leave the company, while Hazel appears to be progressing more quickly than she is. Determined to discover if her new friend is actually plotting against her, Nella discovers some shocking secrets about her workplace. A psychological thriller shot through with some enjoyably quirky dark humour, this will definitely go down well with fans of unsettling but brilliantly imaginative shows like Severance.



Available Friday

Jenna Coleman stars alongside Oliver Jackson-Cohen in a dark but delicious new thriller about a young wife, Liv (Coleman), who appears to have it all – until she discovers that the man of her dreams, hubby Will (Jackson-Cohen), has been having an affair. Instead of falling apart, Liv plots revenge and decides that the couple’s upcoming holiday, a road trip from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite, is the perfect time and place to exact a bloody revenge. But when the woman Will’s been seeing, Cara (Ashley Benson) suddenly shows up during the trip, along with her boyfriend Garth (Eric Balfour), Liv’s plans are thrown into disarray. Can she still find a way of making Will pay for his terrible betrayal? Twisty and twisted.


The Love Experiment

Available Tuesday

Telly dating shows are a bit like prospective partners: you really shouldn’t worry if you don’t click with the latest hit series because there’s always plenty more fish in the streaming sea. Proving that point, here comes yet another dating show, intriguingly-titled The Love Experiment. So how does it work? Three single BFFs – Tamara, Marcia and Paige – are on the hunt for a serious relationship. Guided by expert Mari Waugh, the women are brought to The Hall, a vast room containing 24 very eligible bachelors, all ready and willing to strike up something special. But will having such a huge choice cause more problems than it solves? And can the trio whittle their men down to one hunky fella each? Let the experiment begin.

The Gold

Available Thursday

If you missed it when it premiered on BBC1 earlier in the year, make sure you take the chance to catch this brilliant crime drama based on the infamous Brink’s-Mat robbery of 1983. Featuring a magnetic performance from Hugh Bonneville as Brian Boyce, the police detective put in charge of finding the £23million-worth of gold bullion that was stolen from a depot at Heathrow and the crooks who nicked it, not to mention Jack Lowden as Kenneth Noye, the notorious criminal who helped launder the gold, it’s riveting stuff. A strong supporting cast and impressive attention to period detail make it one of the best dramas of the year. All six episodes drop Thursday.

Teen Mom UK

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Available Wednesday

Amber, Chloe, Sassi and Mia are the mums returning for a ninth series of the surprisingly sensitive show about youngsters raising youngsters. Amber’s driven to distraction by how her boys behave better around their dad, but she doesn’t want to hear his suggestions why, and your heart will go out to Sassi who is still negotiating life with her ex, Darren. They may be young but with honest conversations about everything from loneliness to insecurity it’s relatable across the board for parenting and relationships. 

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