'The Challenge': Nany González Reportedly Tried to Quit Season 36

After Josh Martinez left and her partnership with Kyle Christie didn’t work out, veteran Nany González teamed up with Fessy Shafaat in The Challenge 36. However, she regretted her choice, possibly leading to a desire to exit the competition shortly before the finals. During the official aftershow, Aneesa Ferreira noted Nany threatened to leave and began packing her bags.

Nany González unhappy with Fessy Shafaat as a partner during ‘The Challenge 36’

After Kyle Christie “stole” Kam Williams from Josh Martinez, the Big Brother winner ended up paired with the UK native’s former teammate, Nany González.

However, Nany didn’t mind as she wanted a new partner anyways. The new pairing got along well as they’ve formed a close friendship over the past few seasons.

They competed in several daily missions together until a double male elimination in which CT Tamburello called “the Goof” out for himself. Josh lost, and she ended up back with Kyle.

After working together for one mission, Nany won an elimination and “stole” Josh’s ally, Fessy Shafaat. However, she quickly regretted her choice as she felt he only cared about himself and didn’t serve as a good partner for her.

Kyle Christie and Fessy said they didn’t know how Nany felt

Following the Mar. 24 episode, Fessy talked about the miscommunication between him and his teammate during the official aftershow. He explained that he encouraged her during the missions, but he claimed she didn’t like her partner speaking to her while competing.

While the former collegiate football player admitted he’s “competitive,” he insisted he never “talked down” to Nany. Additionally, Kyle and Fessy claimed they didn’t know how Nany truly felt when it came to their partnerships, so hearing her thoughts in her confessionals shocked them.

The UK native insisted he didn’t think she knew what she wanted. Aneesa Ferreira, who competed in several missions alongside Fessy, noted the “silent pressure” of having him as a partner.

She explained that while he’s not “a bad partner,” he tends to avoid hurting feelings instead of “being straight up.” 

Aneesa Ferreira said Nany wanted to quit at one point

During the Mar. 24 episode, due to Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark being the double agents, Aneesa knew she would likely get voted into elimination. Although she fought for her life in the game during the deliberations, the house sent her in against Big T Fazakerley.

Ultimately, Aneesa was eliminated shortly before the finals again. When the guys spoke about Nany during the aftershow, Aneesa explained she had a “glimmer of hope” she would stay because the veteran threatened to quit the day before eliminations.

According to The Real World star, Nany said she didn’t want to compete anymore and “wished” she had the guts to vote herself into the Crater. Additionally, Aneesa noted the veteran began packing her bags to leave.

Kyle jumped in and claimed Nany ended up changing her mind “like she always does,” and Fessy insisted they can’t blame the veteran for wanting to stick it out. While Aneesa agreed, she also wished Nany had never brought it up if she didn’t intend to follow through because it made her feel like she had a chance to stay. The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.

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