'The Challenge': Natalie Anderson Isn't the Only Woman To Compete While Unknowingly Pregnant

MTV’s The Challenge consists of some of the most brutal and physically demanding challenges in any other reality competition series. Therefore, the show does several tests to make sure the players can withstand the conditions. However, female competitors, including Natalie Anderson and Melissa Reeves, revealed it doesn’t test for pregnancy immediately before filming begins, as they both found out in the middle of the season they were expecting. Who else has competed in The Challenge while pregnant?

Gladys Sanabria competed on ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes’ knowingly pregnant

In 1999, 20-year-old Gladys Sanabria competed in Road Rules: Latin America, the seventh season in the installment. However, during the sixth episode, she went home following a physical fight with her castmate that ended with her scratching his face.

A few years later, the reality star chose to compete in The Challenge: Battle of the Exes (2002) while pregnant. The producers didn’t let her participate in many competitions, and she lasted until the fourth episode when her team voted her out. Sanabria has since disappeared from the spotlight.

Robin Hibbard found out she was pregnant after ‘The Challenge: Duel II’

Following her appearance in the original Real World: San Diego (2004), Florida native Robin Hibbard debuted on The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 (2004) but went home toward the end of the competition. Although she failed to win an elimination in The Inferno II (2005), she competed in The Gauntlet 2 (2005), where her team of Veterans dominated the season.

However, they ultimately lost, and Hibbard went home with $8,571. Although the Real World star competed in two more finals, she didn’t win any more cash. Shortly after returning home from a short stint in The Duel II (2009), Hibbard found out she was expecting a baby boy. She has since competed in two more seasons of The Challenge and welcomed a daughter in 2015.

Faith Stowers quit ‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds II’ likely due to pregnancy

Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules star Faith Stowers appeared on the first season of the American broadcast of Ex on the Beach (2018) before debuting on The Challenge: Final Reckoning (2018) alongside nemesis Angela Babicz. They went home relatively early, and the Bravo star returned for War of the Worlds 2 (2019) to prove herself.

She then quit the series following an explosive argument with a few of the UK players. After the episode aired showing her leaving, the reality star revealed she and her boyfriend Marcio Marchena II are expecting a child. Because she gave birth in Feb. 2020, Stowers likely filmed the first two episodes she appeared in while pregnant.

Melissa Reeves competed on ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ while pregnant

Ex on the Beach UK 2 star and DJ Melissa Reeves had a dismal showing as a rookie in Vendettas (2018). She returned for Final Reckoning (2018) but was disqualified following a physical altercation with another player. The former pageant queen took a three-season break before returning for Total Madness (2020).

The reality star performed very well as she won an elimination and a daily mission but withdrew during the finals because she felt she couldn’t beat the other competitors. However, Reeves later revealed she didn’t continue because she was nearly three months pregnant at the time. The reality star has since given birth to her daughter and took another break from The Challenge.

Natalie Anderson left ‘The Challenge: Double Agents’ due to pregnancy

Former Survivor winner and The Amazing Race finalist Natalie Anderson decided to try her luck at The Challenge. She unexpectedly had to compete in the first elimination but came out on top, receiving her gold skull. As one of the more physically fit competitors, it’s unlikely that another female would have challenged her.

Therefore, Natalie was almost a shoo-in to compete in the finals. However, she withdrew from the competition during the fifth episode for a family emergency. The rookie later revealed she left due to pregnancy but unfortunately miscarried. The Challenge airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.

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