The Chase fans hail ‘best’ contestant after single-handedly taking home the win

The Chase fans claim they've witnessed the "best ever" player the show had seen after an outstanding win.

Viewers were left dumbfounded after the majority of the episode's contestants were knocked out by one of the longest standing chasers Mark Labbett, who is better known as The Beast on the programme.

Mark was doing what he does best and picked off hopefuls one-by-one destroying any hope of scooping up some cash.

Serving up suspense and surprise, Ali somehow managed to slip through the net taking a £5,000 prize fund with her into the final round.

Sadly for Ali, none of her peers could make it back to assist with not only boosting the sum up for grabs but to assist with answering questions and she was therefore forced to face The Beast alone.

As we've seen in the past, those who go head-to-head with the chasers alone barely ever take home the pot of fortune.

However, it appeared that Mark was in store for one of the most compelling rounds that the series had ever seen.

The 51-year-old contestant seemed to be a quizzing professional, managing to rack up an impressive score of 19 in the final round.

In the repeat broadcast, The Beast, who has a formidable reputation for defeating opponents, was left eating humble pie after he'd stumbled on a question about romantic poetry.

Mark proved to be a good sport as he clapped along, adding: "You put me under pressure. Well done."

Even Bradley Walsh was overcome with emotion, lunging over to Ali to give her a hug – pre-Covid.

Also wanting to congratulate Ali for taking home 5K, Mark asked Bradley to give Ali "a hug from him" too.

After Ali's spectacular performance fans took to Twitter to celebrate her win.

One online user Tweeted: "Best I've seen in the chase well done Ali"

Another post read: "Ali on the chase bless her and well done I shed a tear at the end."

Meanwhile, the ITV quiz show has become so popular that the programme has expanded with the new addition of Beat The Chaser.

The new addition, gives hopefuls the chance of taking on up to five chasers for bigger stakes if they're brave enough.

On the latest episode, celebrities were offered the opportunity to step up to the platform for charity.

The panel which included; Shaun Wallace (also known as the Dark Destroyer), Jenny Ryan (also known as the Vixen), Anne Hegerty (also known as the Governess) and newcomer Darragh Ennis were excited as Shaun Williamson took to the stage.

Shaun is highly respected in the quizzing world and has even written literature about his mastermind journey.

Going big, he decided he wanted to take on all five chasers in hope of winning £120K for his chosen charity.

The actor, who is better know for his former role on Eastenders, left viewers with jaws on the floor as he easily beat his opponents and had many seconds still remaining on the clock.

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