'The Nevers' Star Tom Riley Reveals Where He Thinks Augie and Penance's Relationship Is Headed

When The Nevers fans last saw Augie Bidlow and Penance Adair, the two were in a tense place. And with all that’s happened with Amalia True and the Galanthi, things might continue to get complicated for the pair. 

The second half of season 1 should premiere by spring or summer of 2022. And going forward, Tom Riley, who plays Augie, revealed why he thinks Augie chose Amalia over Penance, and how he hopes the potential couple talks things through. 

Tom Riley says he wants Augie and Penance to talk it out when ‘The Nevers’ returns

In the mid-season finale of The Nevers, Augie agrees to help Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) find the Galanthi. But when he arrives for the task, Penance (Ann Skelly) announces she will try and rescue Maladie (Amy Manson) from her public execution instead. 

When it comes time for Augie to choose who to go with, he picks Amalia over Penance. This could put a dent in their budding romance. And in an interview with The Wrap, Riley admitted he hopes the pair will talk about why Augie made that decision. 

“Obviously, everything has slightly changed – potentially. I do hope there is a, ‘Why did you do that to me?’ And he gets a chance to explain himself and their relationship can move from a sort of slightly surface ‘We both are obsessed with things to other people aren’t obsessed with, isn’t that exciting?’ into having a little bit more depth to exactly who they are and how they could potentially move forward together.”

Tom Riley reveals why he thinks Augie chose Amalia over Penance 

Augie is constantly bullied by his older sister, Lavinia (Olivia Williams). But now that he has the gift to see via birds and finds purpose, he’s discovering his confidence. And Riley said he believes Augie chose to go with Amalia to prove he is his own person.

“It was a chance to show some backbone,” the actor told The Wrap. “As he mentioned, he’s been practicing with the birds. He knows he is needed for Amalia’s mission and he can’t quite get onside with Penance’s.”

“I thought it was the more interesting choice, as well,” Riley added. “Just from a narrative perspective, not just to put them at odds, because it’s just to show that he’s not going to go wherever the wind blows him for the first time.”

‘The Nevers’ star Ann Skelly thinks Penance and Augie are great together 

Augie and Penance are on the brink of an epic romance, as long as Amalia and the Galanthi’s larger, world-saving mission doesn’t get in the way. And Ann Skelly, the actor who plays Penance on The Nevers, said she thinks Augie and Penance make a sweet couple. 

“Augie and Penance’s relationship — I’m obsessed with them,” Skelly told The Wrap.” I think they’re so cute,” Skelly said. “Working with Tom Riley is really dreamy because he’s so funny in a totally different way to Augie. But then somehow [he’s] hilariously goofy and sweet on screen.”

“It’s an honest relationship,” she added. “I think it’s a really nice touch in the show. I think that they’re such a sweet pair. And it is a funny dynamic because Augie really brings out a different side of Penance that we don’t really see. She can get kind of testy at him and things like that. It’s lovely, I think.”

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