‘The Young And The Restless’ And Sony Face Looming Me Too Lawsuits, Per ‘Highlight Hollywood’

Source cite a chronic record of mistreating women at ‘Y&R.’

A bombshell new report sheds light on possible impending lawsuits against The Young and the Restless and Sony over allegations of mistreating women.

According to a Highlight Hollywood report, Y&R head writer Mal Young; the soap’s parent company, Sony; and Sony’s Steve Kent, who helms the series and another sudser, are facing a lawsuit over alleged verbal abuse and other abuse behind the scenes of the top-rated CBS daytime show. Sources say that both Steve Kent and Mal Young regularly bring women to tears behind the scenes of the show.

“Sony has a notorious way of brow-beating women during negotiations, then putting the word out that they are difficult and emotional. Who wouldn’t be emotional to be targeted by powerful men at Sony and CBS? And then the soap media knows it is going on, but fears being blacklisted and unable to cover the shows, so they just ignore it, even though they know it’s happening. They won’t be able to hide and pretend much longer,” a source in Steve Kent’s office told the publication.

With Mishael Morgan, who played Hilary Curtis, leaving recently due to failed contract negotiations, eyebrows raised. Coupled with the shock of Eileen Davidson’s (Ashley Abbott) imminent departure from all of daytime, these allegations sound like they may have merit. Plus, Christel Khalil (Lily Ashby) also just announced her surprising move to recurring, according to an Inquisitr report. Even before these women left, Melissa Claire Egan, who played Chelsea Newman, and Elizabeth Hendrickson, who played Chloe Mitchell, also departed within the past year. Fans were not thrilled to see some of their favorites leave or reduce their time in Genoa City.

Then, the recent news of producer Josh Griffith’s return has some people scratching their heads given allegations against him previously for bad behavior. And finally, a female casting director’s recent resignation certainly appears to show some trouble brewing.

A source told the magazine, “Mal [Young] is over his head in this position, and he is not easy to work with as well. And very abusive toward any female writers.”

The source went on to say, “Yes, Sony and CBS are aware that major lawsuits are being prepared in this town and they will be leveled at Steve [Kent] and Mal Young. A very respected, honorable woman who has worked for the show for years is on her way out, and she is so emotionally traumatized by her alleged treatment, which included alleged sexual harassment as well as verbal abuse, that she feels she can no longer even work in the daytime industry anymore.”

Although the identity of the woman discussed who’s leaving is not revealed, fans who follow such news have a good idea who the source meant.

Former Y&R actress Victoria Rowell, who played Drucilla Winters, also filed a lawsuit against Sony and the show in the past. The Hollywood Reporter stated that Rowell settled the lawsuit in February 2017.

If and when these lawsuits hit, there could be some significant shakeups in Genoa City.

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