Here Are Three Horror Movies From A24 Fans Of ‘Hereditary’ Can Check Out Right Now. [Opinion]

Patrick Stewart recently announced his return to ‘Star Trek,’ but have you seen the horror movie where he plays a Neo-Nazi?

Hereditary was released in 2018 and is credited with bringing seriously disturbing horror to multiplexes across the United States. Audiences were shaken to their cores by the disturbing imagery depicted throughout the film, yet captivated by the unique imagery of the film, and blown away by the amazing performance of actress Toni Collette, which has been generating Oscar buzz.

A huge hit at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018, accordinf to USA Today

Hereditary was distributed by A24 Films. A24 is an entertainment company independently started by founders Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges. It initially began small, but in rapid fashion has risen to prominence, with a number of its films breaking box office records and being nominated for Academy Awards.

In 2017 A24 Films property Moonlight won the Oscar for Best Picture of the year and in 2018 the A24 movie Lady Bird was nominated for the same category.

Recently, as reported here at the Inquisitr, Hereditary has broken box office records to become the single highest grossing A24 movie at the worldwide box office, surpassing Lady Bird. Horror fans have been itching to see something on par with Hereditary since its release, and while Hereditary is unique and nothing else is quite like it, there are a number of A24 movies which may be of significant interest to fans of Hereditary. This list represents three of those.

It Comes At Night

Go ahead and count It Comes At Night among yet another horror movie being released that critics loved and audiences were extremely split on. Like Hereditary, It Comes At Night makes usage of psychological terror, rather than jump scares. Suggestion is often times a more effective method of scaring (or scarring) audiences than jolts, in terms of lasting fear. It Comes At Night left viewers feeling alienated, and while some reacted harshly, they didn’t forget it.

Green Room

Green Room is a brutal and grisly horror film about a punk band trying to make it from one venue to the next while on tour. In a knee-jerk bad decision the band accepts a solid cash offer to play a set at a club they’re unfamiliar with, which turns out to be the hangout of a local Neo-Nazis. What follows is a riveting and suspenseful story so brutal many audiences had to turn away. Patrick Stewart stars in this film as a Neo-Nazi leader and gives a terrific performance.

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

With Nicole Kidman and Colin Ferrel in the lead roles, it’s strange that this movie didn’t get more attention that it did. Alas, it goes relatively unknown. This is an extremely original premise with teeters the line of horror, drama, and the darkest comedy can possibly get. To explain the plot would be to spoil the fun of the movie, but Hereditary fans take note, this one is not for the faint of heart.

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