Tipping Point fans distracted as Ben Shephard flashes flesh in unbuttoned shirt

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Tipping Point fans were left positively swooning during Tuesday's instalment of the hit ITV game show, as presenter Ben Shephard 'flashed flesh'.

The hunky presenter appeared to be teasing his audience as he smouldered in a dark grey blazer and lighter grey shirt – with the top two buttons undone.

And as Ben turned to face the machine, he flashed a tantalising triangle of skin to the camera.

Viewers were left fanning themselves as they took to social media to post: "Ooh Ben! Nice flash of flesh there!" with a heart emoji.

Another added a GIF from US comedy show Brooklyn 99 with the caption: "Alright. I'm gonna cry," as they tweeted: "Ben flashed flesh and I missed it!"

While someone else added: "When Ben stands to the side and shows a bit of skin!" with a heart-eyed emoji and a GIF of actor Ryan Reynolds giving a cheeky grin.

But another red-faced fan wrote: "If Ben reads this hashtag and sees my tweets about him I don't think he'd ever reply to my tweets again!"

Other viewers were much more concerned with some of the 'ridiculous' answers given by Tuesday's contestants, as players Callum and Gareth appeared to get their knowledge mixed up.

Gareth clearly wasn't a Shakespeare fan, as Ben asked which character said the line 'A plague on both your houses' in the play Romeo and Juliet.

And Gareth answered: "Macbeth."

"Macbeth's too busy murdering folk so he could become king, how the f*** could he be in Romeo and Juliet too?" one outraged fan wrote on Twitter.

Someone else posted: "Macbeth in Romeo and Juliet. Is the bard multitasking?!"

"Macbeth jumped from Scotland to Italy and landed in Romeo and Juliet!" a third penned.

That wasn't the only slip-up – Callum reckoned there were only 20 years in two centuries.

"Two centuries is how many years – he guessed twenty!" one fan scribbled through the laughter.

"Apparently there are 20 years in two centuries…" someone else wrote, while a third simply added: "20 years."

In the end, it was Elaine who made it through to the final round, as she had several impressive drops throughout the game.

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