TV fans reveal the worst things a partner can do while watching shows – from spoiling the end to talking through the final moments

Research by Curry's PC World showed the habits that leave us Brits, a nation obsessed by Love Island, soaps and the World cup, fuming in front of the box.

A phone ringtone ruining your viewing experience came in third, narrowly missing the top spot to partners, who are the main cause of anger, nattering during crucial moments.

The pain of having to watch endless ad-breaks was also a gear grinder, closely followed by partners getting bored of your soap favourites and changing the channel mid-way.

With a 30-strong list of TV bugbears, there's no surprise it also emerged that an irate 41 per cent of Brits had fallen out with someone due to a telly disagreement.

And partners were to blame for 40 per cent of TV bug bears according to the poll, with one in 20 admitting they were guilty of committing these crimes at home.

Most nuisances included eating crunchy food, getting up for a toilet break or using noisy appliances like the vacuum or washing machine during viewing.

Others pausing the TV to get up and do something else came sixth on the list, followed by buffering when using catch up, on demand or watching online.

And many people get agitated by the volume too, with family members turning the set up too loud or keeping it too quiet making the top 10 complaints.

Even running out of things to watch can be a grievance, with coming to the end of your favourite series taking the eleventh spot.

Top 30 TV bugbears:

1. People talking while you are trying to watch TV

2. Adverts

3. Getting a phone call

4. Someone spoiling the end of a show they've already seen

5. People getting bored and asking to turn over

6. People pausing it to do other things while you are watching it

7. Buffering when using catch up/on demand TV

8. Someone moaning about what you are watching

9. People falling asleep

10. People turning the volume up too high or down too low

11. Coming to the end of a TV series you're loving and realising there isn't any more to watch

12. People eating noisy food

13. People texting throughout

14. Someone not paying attention but then complaining something doesn't make sense

15. People getting up and going to the toilet/getting snacks

16. Someone asking you what has happened because they missed the previous episode or weren't paying attention

17. Losing the remote control

18. Arguing over what programme to watch

19. Forgetting to record your programme and it's not available on catch-up

20. People putting on the washing/vacuuming/boiling the kettle/cooking dinner – noisy appliances

21. Someone asking you where something is and having to get up and look for it for them

22. Losing your recording because someone deleted it

23. Someone else making fun of what you're watching

24. Other people guessing what is going to happen

25. Being loud or exaggerating their reactions to something which happens on the TV

26. Forgetting something was in the oven and having to get up and go get it out

27. Losing your recording because it expired

28. Leaving the remote control out of reach

29. Live tweeting the episode – out loud

30. When older shows aren't available in HD or widescreen

The top 20 features the pain of partners moaning, falling asleep, not paying attention and asking what they missed when distracted by their phones.

People who text or tweet instead of concentrating on the TV are also drives others crazy, almost as much as those who guess what’s going to happen or over-exaggerate reactions.

There's no wonder that 48 per cent of Brits prefer to watch the box alone to avoid it being ruined by their partners or family!

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