‘Was like a horror show’ The Yorkshire Vet star forced to operate on puppy after accident

The Yorkshire Vet: Pug puppy's injury compared to 'horror show'

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The Yorkshire Vet star Julian Norton was forced to operate on a puppy pug on the latest episode of the Channel 5 programme after the pooch’s right eyeball popped out of its socket. The owner of the canine, named Runtly, hoped Julian would be able to help as she was seriously concerned. The operation proved to be particularly grisly for the established veterinary surgeon who admitted the dog’s eye looked “horrendous”. 

Julian rushed the puppy straight into emergency surgery as the pooch’s eye had popped out of its socket following an accident. 

Ahead of the surgery, Julian asked a veterinary nurse: “Do we know what she is called?”

She replied: “The puppy is called Runtly like the runt [of the litter].”

It had been a distressing morning for Runtly’s owner Stacey who was praying Julian would be able to fix the dog’s prolapsed eyeball.

“I think she has knocked into the wall or the step,” Stacey said. 

“I just heard yelping and her eye seems to have bulged out.” 

Julian stressed how crucial it was to put the dog’s eyeball back in place as soon as possible. 

Stacey, who was fighting back tears talking to the camera, said she had been crying all morning as she was worried about Runtly. 

As he was operating on Runtly, Julian admitted: “It looks horrendous and it is horrendous.

“One of the problems with an eyeball like this is it is not protected by the eyelid and can dry out, and if it dries out it might not go back in again. 

“The next job is to get it back in where it needs to be.” 

Julian pushed the eyeball back in place while the dog was under an anaesthetic and stitched around the eyelid to hold the eyeball in its correct place. 

Following the procedure, Julian told Stacey: “You obviously got onto it really quickly, so I think there is a good chance we can save the eye. 

“You did the right thing to call as you did as one minute the puppy was fine the next it looked like a horror show.”

One of the best parts of helping puppies was reuniting them with their owners, Julian warmly said after handing Runtly back to Stacey. 

The stitches needed to be in for a week before the pup could be taken back to the surgery to have them removed. 

Later on in the programme, Julian was able to remove the pug’s stitches to see if the operation was successful.

To the owner’s relief, Runtly’s eye was back in the right place and the stitches were easily taken out by Julian. 

“The eye is almost totally back to normal and she looks fantastic – she is out of the woods and in the clear. It’s not even spoiled her looks,” he gushed. 

The Yorkshire Vet continues next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 5. 

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