Watch Dateline: NBC host Keith Morrison 'investigate' Ellen DeGeneres

It’s about time that Ellen DeGeneres got the Dateline treatment.

On Thursday’s installment of her eponymous talk show, Dateline NBC host Keith Morrison does what he does best by investigating a scary chapter in DeGeneres’ life — an odd encounter with an angry motorist.

“Today I want to come clean about something,” DeGeneres tells her audience. “You know the show Dateline, right? That show has been scaring the crap out of us since 1992. The tagline is, don’t watch alone. The long version is, don’t watch alone if you ever want to fall asleep again. Anyway, Keith Morrison has been …. observing things around here and he put together an investigation of a story I told last year. I thought it would be better if I showed it to you before it leaked out.”

Morrison then narrates a chapter in DeGeneres’ commuting life when a male driver calls her out on her supposedly unsafe driving — and name checks her while she’s doing it. It would end up haunting DeGeneres for many, sleepless nights to come.

Morrison stopped by Ellen to promote an all new, two-hour Dateline NBC, which airs Friday at 9 p.m. ET.


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