What really happened in the fire at Adele’s estate in Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes: Netflix release psychological thriller trailer

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Behind Her Eyes is on Netflix now and the series has become recognised for its quirky themes. The story follows Adele (played by Eve Hewson) who spent many of her teenage years at a psychiatric facility after her parents died. The significance of the fire was left undetermined, and fans are keen to know if it was a red herring.

What really happened in the fire in Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes has taken the world by storm since it arrived on Netflix, and the series is based on the book of the same name by Sarah Pinborough.

In the series, Adele is married to David (Tom Bateman), whom she had known since she was a child.

He had supposedly rescued her from a fire at her family’s estate, but her parents sadly died during the incident.

David had fallen for Adele, but he quickly realised she was not the woman he used to know.

In the season finale, it was revealed Adele was actually Rob (Robert Aramayo), who had switched bodies with her after she had left the psychiatric unit.

While Rob was in Adele’s body, he manipulated David’s new love interest, Louise (Simona Brown), into thinking David was a bad person.

She had told Louise of how David rescued her from a fire, but David decided to hold this information back from Louise.

Fans were led to believe David had been a suspect in the deaths of Adele’s parents, and that he had something to do with the cause of the fire.

Viewers are wondering what significance the fire had in the story, as the events surrounding the ordeal were never explored.

One fan said on Reddit: “So why was the fire suspicious? Did they ever say on the show?”

Another replied: “No, I don’t think they did. I don’t think they explained why David happened to be passing by at night either, did they?

“He and Adele must have been engaged by that time or very close to it, so it wouldn’t be odd that he was visiting her. Just the timing was strange.

“He lived locally, but it wasn’t clear if he was away at uni or home for a break at the time. Maybe his uni was far away and he had driven back late at night just to see her, which wouldn’t be that strange. So why was it thought to be suspicious?”

Fans found the timeline confusing as the fire took place when Adele was 17, and she married David a year later.

They believe David was in his early 20s at the time of the fire and they found the age gap unusual.

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The suggestion is that Adele’s parents did not approve of her relationship and they saw David as a “gold digger”.

The most likely answer for the reasoning behind the fire plot is because it acted as a decoy to make David look suspicious.

The creators of the series wanted to draw viewers away from the idea that Adele and Rob were dangerous characters.

They were made out to be the victims, and the fire was a way to introduce David as a potential ‘big bad’.

Another viewer said: “I don’t think there was any unnatural or suspicious story about the fire… As at that time it was the real Adele, who was a really good person.

“Only thing was, she somehow discovered this astral projection and used to travel out of body… and that night of the fire, she was out and that was the reason she was safe.

“Also I guess she feels guilty about her being out of her body at that time, otherwise she may have woken up and saved her parents from the fire.

“I guess that is the guilt which made her go mentally unwell and that’s why she was for some time in rehab.” [Sic].

The book goes into more detail about how David and Adele met at Adele’s family estate.

They became close friends when Adele was eight, and David was 13. David’s family was in debt, which is why Adele’s parents did not think highly of him.

Behind Her Eyes is streaming on Netflix now.

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