What time is Line of Duty series 6 on tonight?

LINE of Duty fans can get their next fix of the popular BBC drama on Sunday, April 4.

Murdered TV journalist Gail Vella is the new victim and suspicion is growing about the work of the anti-corruption unit.

What time is Line of Duty series 6 on tonight?

The third episode in the sixth series airs at 9pm tonight on BBC One.

DI Kate Fleming, DS Steve Arnott and Superintendent Ted Hastings have returned once again to solve another case.

Operation Lighthouse is underway and tonight’s instalment sees a new witness come forward claiming to have crucial new evidence.

What happened in the last episode of Line of Duty?

Last week’s second episode saw the new series spark into life, leaving fans desperate for more.

AC-12 are given the green light for an inquiry into Operation Lighthouse.

DI Steve Arnott and his new partner DC Chloe Bishop move in to start gathering evidence and look back over old footage of Vella from her time working as a news reporter.

This leads AC-12 to suspect that she might've been working on something which delved deeper into corruption, and that's what got her killed.

Arnott and Bishop meet with Gail's producer who drops a new lead, Vella's home may have been burgled during her murder and key recordings taken. 

In a shock twist, we see Kate Fleming betray her pal Steve Arnott after he told in her confidence, during one of their underpass meetings, that AC-12 were going to hit the Hillside Lane Station with a raid.

Ryan Pilkington is back but this time as a police officer working at Hillside Lane as a new PC.

DSI Davidson was handed a burner cell in a tunnel and had an epic meltdown in her car.

Just moments before in a dramatic episode we saw her brazenly turn in her ex Frieda and frame her to avoid spending a night in jail under arrest for crimes relating to the murder of journalist Gail Vella. 

Ted Hastings was on a roll this episode with fans loving his fiery put-downs.

How can I watch Line of Duty?

You can watch Line of Duty on BBC One at 9pm.

After it has aired it will be available on iPlayer.

The first episode of season six aired on March 21.

If you need to catch up on the show's previous series, we have a brief summary for you.

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