What's on TV tonight? Shows to watch Tuesday 12 June from Our Girl to Ackley Bridge

Our Girl, 9pm, BBC One

It looked like it might all be over for Georgie (Michelle Keegan, right) and 2 Section at the end of last week’s debut as their mission to find the schoolgirls in Nigeria took a sinister turn.

Luckily, there are seven more episodes, so our heroine and her comrades have to survive.

As it turns out, they are freed from their cell after it’s revealed that the local crime boss is actually an undercover Special Forces operative named Bones (Oliver Rix, left).

Once they’re free, the gang come to the rescue of an incarcerated Nigerian military medic, but it’s not long before they’re in the firing line again…

Ackley Bridge, 8pm, Channel 4

We’d experience a touch of the green-eyed monsters if a member of Girls Aloud turned up out of the blue to claim our man.

We don’t actually know yet if Claire, played by Kimberley Walsh (left), is out to get back with her ex-husband Steve but, considering the state of their marriage, Mandy’s a tad worried…

The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, 8pm, ITV

Broadcasting live from Warwick Castle, Angellica Bell and Martin Lewis (l-r) are here to help you make the most of your summer getaway.

They’ll be answering your questions on how to get the best currency conversion rate, what to do if your flight’s delayed and how to avoid car hire confusion and travel insurance pitfalls.

Flights From Hell: Caught on Camera, 9pm, ITV

Probably not the best TV show to watch before you jet off on holiday – you may even need to adopt the brace position in your armchair before the hour is over.

This documentary features dramatic events at 35,000ft, including an engine explosion.

Bizarrely, some of these incidents have been captured by passengers whose first instinct was to reach for their phone.

The Hotel Inspector, 9pm, Channel 5

“Beige, bland and boring” aren’t words you want to hear, especially when they describe the décor of the business you were banking on to provide a retirement nest egg!

Hoteliers Ilona (left) and John (right) from Devon had better get used to Alex’s (centre) straight-talking if they don’t want to spend their twilight years working…

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