Who was Kim Wall and how did she die?

THE gruesome murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall is set to looked at in new BBC documentary, The Investigation.

Before her untimely death, the 30-year-old was as the peek of career in the media.

Who was Kim Wall?

Kim Wall, 30, was a journalist from Sweden who went missing on August 10, 2017.

She was last seen on a homemade submarine belonging to Danish inventor Peter Madsen, which she embarked at the Bay of Køge, Denmark.

A respected freelance reporter, Kim attended the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and had spent time in New York and China writing for several international publications.

She was researching a feature on Madsen who built the 40-tonne submarine after raising money through online crowdfunding in 2008.

How did Kim Wall die?

Kim Wall was murdered by Peter Madsen after she boarded his homemade submarine in Copenhagen harbour in August 2017.

According to prosecutors, Madsen invited Ms Wall on to his miniature submarine so he could fulfil the most vile and violent of sexual fantasies.

They allege he brought a saw, knife and sharpened screwdrivers to the vessel where he invited Ms Wall to conduct an interview.

Prosecutors also argued that Madsen strangled or beheaded his victim after torturing her.

An indictment claims he stabbed her several times, cutting off her head and limbs before throwing her body parts into the sea.

Madsen admitted dismembering his victim in the bathroom of the vessel after she died accidentally on board but refused to go into detail because it was "so horrible".

He told a court in Copenhagen that he thought of 1995 hit Se7en as he cut off Wall's head – adding that he didn't think there was anything "unusual" about that.

Her mutilated body was discovered on a beach by a passer-by 11 days later.

Madsen was sentenced to life in jail in 2018 when a court dismissed his claim that Ms Wall's death was an accident.

Was Kim Wall married?

Kim wasn't married at the time of her death, but she was in a relationship.

Her boyfriend Ole Stokke Nielsen told the court that Ms Wall previously met Madsen and then, later, asked if it was okay she missed a party to go out to see the inventor again.

He said: "She says right away that she is going on the submarine and asks if it was okay."

"She was afraid to go on the trip in a submarine", he added, but she was "fascinated by people dedicated to something".

When is The Investigation on BBC2?

New BBC 2 documentary The Investigation will delve into the Kim Wall case and how she came to be so brutally murdered.

The six-part series kicks off TOMORROW (January 22, 2021) at 9pm.

After each episode has aired, you can also watch them on the iPlayer.

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