Why did Kate Fleming leave AC-12?

THE opening episode of Line Of Duty season six left fans reeling with some unexpected plot twists.

One of the major bombshells was that DI Kate Fleming appears to have quit AC-12, much to the dismay of fans.

Why did Kate Fleming leave AC-12?

This is the question on every Line of Duty fan's lips.

In an unexpected twist in the first episode of season six, DI Fleming appears to haveleft AC-12 to work with another team.

Although viewers were left in the dark as to why Fleming quit the department, DS Steve Arnott shed some light on the matter.

Fleming appeared to still be pals with Arnott, and we saw the pair share information during the episode.

Arnott revealed Kate left the team after their boss DCI Hastings was investigated under suspicion of being H.

Arnott told Fleming: “He knows why you moved on.

“You’ve done your time and moved on.”

When did Kate Fleming leave AC-12?

The new series has yet to fully reveal the background behind Fleming's exit from the department.

The detective has also undergone some other life events, having clearly split from her husband Mark, with whom she has a young son, Josh.

We expect that all will become clear in the upcoming episodes.

In one scene in episode one,Kate explains to DCI Joanne Davidson why she left.

She said: “I got fed up of nicking coppers.”.

Who does Kate Fleming work for now?

Kate is seen working with an MIT (murder investigation team) in a different department, which has come under suspicion from AC-12.

Fans have theorised that Kate may not have left the team after all, but instead be working undercover under her own name.

One fan tweeted: “I’m choosing to believe Kate is deep undercover and secretly still working for AC12 because I can’t deal with her and Steve no longer working together.”

Another said: “I’m calling it now Kate hasn’t left AC-12 and is undercover but Steve doesn’t know.”

Who still works for AC-12?

As expected, Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott and Superintendent Ted Hastings are still working for AC-12.

But the pair are joined by a new colleague.

DC Chloe Bishop is a new member of the AC-12 anti-corruption unit and is being played by rising star Shalom Brune-Franklin.

Describing the character, Shalom says: "Chloe is the newest member of AC-12. Like anyone starting a new job, she’s so eager to prove to her bosses that she was the right choice.

"She's incredibly hardworking and we can see she’s really trying to impress."

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