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SHAUN Ryder has been thrilling fans once again on I'm A Celebrity, after he returned for the special all stars South African series.

But during his first day in camp, the Happy Mondays star revealed he no longer had eyelashes.

Why doesn't Shaun Ryder have eyelashes?

Shaun Ryder surprised his fellow I'm A Celebrity… South Africa campmates when he shared the real reason for wearing sunglasses at night.

During the first episode of the all stars series, the singer told his co-stars that he wasn't wearing shades for the sake of it, but had a medical reason for doing so.

Speaking around the camp fire, Shaun revealed "I'm not a t**t wearing sunglasses when it's dark.

"I've got no eyelashes, so all the s**t gets in my eyes."

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In 2019, he explained the reason behind his changed appearance as "all body his hair falls out", due to unexplained alopecia.

What is Shaun Ryder's illness?

Shaun's unexplained alopecia came on following hip surgery in 2019.

He had the procedure after battling crippling pain after years on the road with the Happy Mondays and Black Grape.

Shaun revealed how after the operation he was left with "no eyelashes, no fingernails, no head, no hair whatsoever", leaving doctors completely baffled.

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In 2022 Shaun joked he is taking "more pills now" than in his heyday as he provided a health update.

Speaking to the Daily Star he said at he time: "It's because I don't have a thyroid, mine was underactive which makes you fat and bald but once that goes then everything starts to grate down and you have to take lots of tablets.

"And I don't produce testosterone now so I'm on more pills now than I was in 1988."

The singer has had many health issues over the years, with Shaun previously revealing he discovered non-cancerous cysts in his testicles.

What has Shaun Ryder said about his illness?

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Shaun talked more about his unexplained alopecia, and hip surgery.

Addressing his illness, he told the hosts: "I've just had a new hip, and at the same time all my body hair decides to fall out.

"No eyelashes, no fingernails, no head, no hair whatsoever. We don’t really know.

"Because I have an underactive thyroid that makes you put on weight and slow down, they thought it might have been linked to that or the fact I don't produce testosterone anymore.

"They thought it might be linked to that. Now it doesn't look like that.

"They said it might be stress related, but I'm the least stressed I've ever been in my life, so they've got a lot more experimenting on me to find out."

Can Shaun Ryder take part in I'm A Celebrity challenges?

I'm A Celebrity… South Africa was prerecorded in November 2022, so the trials have already completed.

Sadly Shaun had to be ruled out of a string of challenges for the all stars series.

Medics warned the star could not take part in anything that put his health at risk on the series in South Africa.

In the second episode aired on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, Shaun was seen screaming in agony as his hip "cracked" as he got out of his camp bed,

Shaun was reportedly left devastated by the ruling because he loved doing physically-demanding stunts when he starred on the hit show in 2010.

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He told press at the launch of the all stars series: “I can remember having the best buzz when I jumped out of the plane. Yes, I was very scared, but I enjoyed it a lot.

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