Why Yara Almost Quit 90 Day Fiance Mid-Season

Things are not looking good for 90 Day Fiance‘s Season 8 couple Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren. As you may recall, Jovi met Yara while traveling abroad in Ukraine. The couple quickly fell in love and, within only a few short months after meeting one another, Yara became pregnant. Jovi proposed and the couple made plans to move back to the United States together. Tragically, Yara suffered a miscarriage, but that did not deter the couple’s plans to spend their life together. Yara packed her bags and headed for the great state of Louisiana. Then she got pregnant again.

Unfortunately, their love story has not reached its happily ever after, as the couple was immediately met with many obstacles and growing pains with Yara navigating a new life in a strange country, while also carrying Jovi’s child. But the proverbial you-know-what really hit the fan for the couple on episode 10, prompting Yara to threaten to quit the show and move back to her native country of Ukraine, per TV Insider. But what caused Yara’s outburst? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Yara Zaya didn't exactly hit it off with Jovi Dufren's parents

As reported by TV Insider, the trouble first started for 90 Day Fiance‘s Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren when Yara is ambushed by 60 guests at what she thought was going to be a small, intimate engagement party dinner. You know what they say — we make plans but our mothers-in-law just laugh. 

But that’s not all. Prior to the engagement bash that Jovi’s mother, Gwen, hosted for the unsuspecting bride-to-be, Jovi’s dad, Monty, took Yara to task for posting photos of herself wearing a bikini on her Instagram account. The conversation snowballed from there and resulted in both parents questioning Yara’s motives. “A lot of Ukrainian women just try to get a guy to get them to America,” Yara’s future MIL declared matter of factly. Yara, however, stood her ground and pointed out that she never wanted to come to the United States in the first place and that she’s considering the possibility of her and Jovi moving back to her native country after the wedding.

After the shindig wrapped, Yara appeared to have had it with a belligerent Jovi and let him have it. “If I wasn’t pregnant, I’d already be back in the Ukraine,” she threatened. Houston, we have a problem.

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