1 year after Fotis Dulos suicide, wife's disappearance remains unsolved

Accused wife-killer’s attorney opens up about client’s suicide: ‘Stunned. Never saw it coming’

Tuesday marked one year after Fotis Dulos attempted to take his own life amid an investigation into the disappearance of his wife, a case that remains unsolved even after exhaustive efforts by investigators. 

Dulos was the estranged husband of Jennifer Farber Dulos, 50, a Connecticut mother of five who was last seen May 24, 2019, after dropping her kids off at school. He died a few days after the suicide attempt while in critical condition from carbon monoxide.

In a suicide note, he denied killing his wife. 

At the time, he was charged with felony murder, murder and kidnapping. His girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, and Kent Mawhinney, a local lawyer who represented Dulos in a civil case, were charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Troconis and Dulos were allegedly spotted on surveillance video the night of Farber Dulos’ disappearance disposing of bags containing her blood and clothes. Her lawyer, Jon Schoenhorn, told Fox News that investigators told his client that the bags she was accused of helping Dulos dispose of contained body parts.  

Fotis Dulos and his wife, Jennifer Farber Dulos.
(.Carrie Luft, on Behalf of the Family and Friends of Jennifer Farber Dulos)

He said the bags were sealed and in the back of a pickup truck. 

“So to suggest just from that that Michelle had knowledge about what was in those bags just because she accompanied him, she thought just to go to Starbucks is, in my view, absurd,” he said. 

Schoenhorn also disputed the number of stops prosecutors allege Dulos made to dump the bags, saying there were three stops, not 30. 

Troconis remains free on bond. The Connecticut Chief State’s Attorney declined to comment on the status of the case, citing an ongoing investigation. 

The investigation into the New Canaan mother’s disappearance has stalled and her body has never been found. Authorities believed she was killed in her garage. Earlier this month, authorities scoured a Farmington property owned by Dulos’ development company.

Investigators were seen digging holes and police K-9s were present as well as ground-penetrating radar. The property had been the site of previous search efforts. 

Robert Perry, a New Hampshire-based cemetery geophysics expert known as the “bone finder,” was brought in to assist and pinpoint spots where Jennifer Dulos could potentially be buried, he told Fox News. 

He wound up finding five locations where soil had been disturbed. Four were near a wood line and one near the basement of the home on the five-acre property.

“I was asked to go into the house and to scan in the basement there below the stairwell, there was an area that was already been dug up and cemented over,” Perry told Fox News. “If you have disturbed soil, somebody just dug it up and put soil back on the ground and don’t put anything in the ground.”

Disturbed soil could result from the area being dug up, which could make it difficult for radar detection, he said. 

“They could have just dug it up, you know, just dug up the dirt,” Perry said. “Somebody out there digging up the dirt and maybe radar will not pick up. Sometimes if it’s the objects not too small, you know, they won’t pick them up sometimes.”

Nothing was found during the hours-long search and Perry did not find anything resembling human remains. 

In a 35-page arrest warrant, investigators alleged Farber Dulos was killed at her home on May 24 between 8:05 a.m. and 10:25 a.m. That same day, surveillance footage showed someone in a dark hoodie riding a bike that looked like Fotis Dulos’ from childhood toward her home. Surveillance video also showed someone driving Dulos’ car leaving her house at 10:25 a.m.


Investigators said they found Fotis Dulos’ DNA on the doorknob of the mudroom in the home as well as in a garbage bag police recovered from a trash can in Hartford, where investigators claimed Dulos dumped evidence of his crime.

Other items listed in court documents include bloodied zip ties. 

Fox News’ Barnini Chakraborty contributed to this report. 

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