AC unit falls out of window, hits man on bench: suit

Hope it wasn’t a Commando 8.

An air conditioner fell out of a Manhattan apartment window and struck a 60-year-old Bronx man who was sitting on a bench, a new lawsuit charges.

Lorenzo Sidberry was sitting on a park bench on First Avenue on Oct. 27 when “an air conditioner fell out of the window and hit him,” Sidberry’s lawyer, Steven Goldstein, said adding, “It’s crazy.”

Sidberry needed back surgery afterward.

“It’s clear that someone did not properly secure the air conditioner to the window,” Goldstein said.

The incident is reminiscent of the “Glasses” episode of “Seinfeld” where Kramer gets Jerry a big new AC unit — called the Commando 8 — plops it on the window sill, plugs it in and proclaims, “12,000 BTUs of raw cooling power — Installed.”

Then someone slams the door and the unit falls right out of the window. But there was nothing funny about this outcome for Sidberry.

“These are not the sorts of things that happen unless somebody does something wrong. Air conditioners don’t just fall out of windows,” Goldstein said of his client’s case, noting that he wasn’t sure if the building owner or the tenant, Robert Olmo, had installed the unit.

Sidberry is suing Olmo and the owner, Foxwoods Realty LLC.

The AC — which fell from the third floor — struck Sidberry on his right leg causing major leg and back problems including two herniated discs, Goldstein said.

Olmo could not be reached for comment and Foxwoods did not return requests for comment.

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