Afghan pooch with leg-warmers arrives at day three of Crufts

Puptown girls! Pampered pooch who’s pretty in pink and her partner in leopard-print join onesie-wearing diva dogs at day three of Crufts

  • Dogs arrived at Birminghan Exhibition Center (NEC) early this morning for day three of the annual event
  • The 128th year of the dog show will run until tomorrow with glamorous pooches competing for the title
  • Competitors arrived today wearing various coloured coats, snoods and booties to shield from wind
  • 170,000 fans are expected to watch the dogs will compete for the most coveted prize, ‘Best in Show’ 

Glamorous pooches arrived for day three of the 128th annual Crufts dog show this morning.

Many were shielded from the biting cold outside Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) by a variety of coloured coats and snoods.

The halls opened at 8.15am to spectators but those competing started arriving from 6am resulting in some bleary-eyed pooches.

Day three opened with agility and jumping as neatly groomed dogs competed against each other for the coveted Crufts best in show. 

Pretty in pink: These girls have very different styles. While one sports a fetching pink frog coat the other is keeping it classy with a leopard print jacket

Tired pups: Wrecked from the early morning and busy afternoon these dogs are sneaking a power nap in their crate

Puppy love: These Dandie Dinmont Terrier sneak a kiss while they wait to enter the show ring today

An Afghan Hound was walked into the conference centre wearing a tartan jacket with a gold snood to keep its neck warm. Black and gold booties covered the pooch’s paws and legs

Free of the booties this Afghan Hound struts its stuff on the pooch catwalk during today’s competition

Bundle of fluff: This group of four Long Haired Dachshunds are perfectly groomed as they cross the road together

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These Afghan Hounds sport matching purple onsies which keep cover everything except from their heads and tails

Raring to go: This hound eagerly waits to be allowed out of his cage and into the competition

Accessories: This black hound is wearing a decorative black and red snood to shield them from the cold

Dogs were pulled into Birmingham NEC for the third day of events for Crufts 2019

Sequins: This afghan hound glimmered in the morning light in a deep red sequined snood

Coats on and hair brushed this gang of pretty afghan hounds are walked into the show 

Sleek: This adorable pooch’s coat is shining as he waits outside the show room

Regal: With bright yellow stockings this hound keeps its head high as the wind blows its freshly combed hair. A hair band even holds a section in place in a desperate attempt to minimise the destructive force of nature

Excited: This dog can hardly contain his excitement as he makes his way across the pavement and into the centre

Sleepy: These hounds were not quite ready for the day ahead as they relaxed in their crate on the way to the event

Bright blue: This pooch’s royal blue jacket matches its lead

Merchandise: Sporting a purple ‘Crufts 2019’ hoodie this dog is dressed to impress

Black booties, a red puffy jacket to hold her hair in place and a beautiful sequinned red snood makes this hound look like it belongs to royalty

Practical: This terrier looks dressed for business in a green fleece with an orange harness featuring two practical pouches

Elegance: This dog’s long hair looks majestically straight. She’s wearing beige booties to protect her paws from the dirt of the street and a classic white scarf with purple flowers that seems to conceal curled tresses

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