Arch-Remainer Tony Blair STILL won’t drop his plans for another referendum to try and reverse Brexit

ARCH-Remainer Tony Blair STILL won't give up his fight to force a second referendum and try and overturn Brexit.

The stubborn ex-Prime Minister again demanded a fresh vote on the terms of a final deal to try and reverse our EU exit.

He insisted that Brexit would bring severe "economic" damage" and that the Cabinet was still trying to "have cake and eat it".

The Labour boss slapped down plans that were sealed by Theresa May's top team yesterday to try and have some divergence from EU rules, and have other areas where they stay the same.

"I literally cannot understand how the rest of Europe will this," he said today.

Speaking to Radio 4's The World at One, he said there were "many different versions of Brexit" and people voting in 2016 had no idea what they were asking for.

But Brexiteer Kate Hoey hit back, saying that another vote just two years after the first would be "ridiculous".

She stormed: "This is nonsense, I don't see another chance of another referendum on this issue."

And she said that staying in the EU in any form – including in a form of Customs Union – would "not be what people voted for".

Mr Blair says he welcomes Tory rebel's attempts to team up with Labour and back staying in a form of Customs Union – as it could mean another Brexit vote was more likely.

The Prime Minister faces a Brexit rebellion that could bring her down – but today ministers insisted there would be no change of plans.

Staying in a Customs Union with the EU would mean we couldn't do out own trade deals with other countries around the world, which Brexiteers have insisted is central to our freedom outside of the bloc.

Mr Blair said that every time the Cabinet try to agree on a common position they simply show the deep divisions in Government.

"You can't just end this argument on one day in 2016," he insisted, snubbing the relevance of our historic referendum.

"Let's see if we can reach an agreement in Parliament, if we can't they should at least have a say once they see the final terms, and see if they prefer it to what we have now.

"Once you know what Brexit really means, you have a proper choice."

And he called on Labour boss Jeremy Corbyn to back his plans.

"I want Labour to become a party to say have a final say on the final deal," he said. Mr Corbyn is due to make a key speech on Monday, where he expected to back staying in the Customs Union too.

Blair said that if Leave won another referendum he would have to accept it and move on, but that Britain would be poorer and more divided if they did.

He also hit out at "sickening" attempts from some MPs to try and play down the Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland.

There are fears that a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland could spark violence again.

Mr Blair said: "There are politicians prepared to sacrifice the Good Friday agreement on the altar of Brexit and declare that the peace agreed in Northern Ireland is not, really worth it.
"This is irresponsibility that is frankly sickening."'t%20drop%20his%20plans%20for%20another%20Brexit%20vote” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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