’Aussie Flu’ to strike thousands of Brits over Christmas as bug sweeps schools and hospitals

BRITS have been urged to dose themselves with vitamin C as the country faces its worst Aussie flu epidemic in 50 years.

Almost 100,000 Australians have fallen ill to H2N2 – their most severe outbreak on record – and it is set to hit the UK as people fly here from overseas.

And with the flu expected to rip through schools, office and hospitals, doctors have urged Brits to take precautions in the lead up to Christmas.

Dr David Jack told The Daily Star vitamin C was key to avoiding being struck down by the flu, saying: "I really don’t think you can get enough of it."

In Australia, drug manufacturers have designed super-strength vaccines for the elderly as the country experience record breaking infection figures.

An average of 8,000 people die every year because of flu in England and Wales but experts have warned the number could be a lot higher this year if dangerous strains like H2N2 make it to our shores.

The NHS has urged vulnerable groups who are likely to develop more serious medical complications as a result of infection to get a flu jab.

Pregnant women, over-65s, children from six-24 months and those will long term illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and asthma are among the most vulnerable.

Less than half of those at risk took up the free NHS flu jab last year.

Influenza and a common cold are both respiratory illnesses but they are both caused by different viruses.

On the whole, flu symptoms are more intense than those caused by the common cold.

People who are suffering from a cold are more likely to have a runny or stuffy nose.

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