Bill Gates' daughter trolls Covid conspiracy theorists by saying vaccine 'didn't implant genius father into my brain'

BILL GATES' medical school student daughter poked fun at conspiracy theorists and said she didn't get her father's implant when she got the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Jennifer Gates, 24, took to Instagram to fight back conspiracy theorists and advocate for anyone eligible to get the vaccine, saying the first dose "sadly did NOT implant my genius father into my brain."

Jennifer Gates' caption comes in response to wily accusations that the Covid-19 vaccine contains implants that allows Bill Gates to track people's movements.

Gates, who has over 357,000 followers on Instagram, is a second-year medical student at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York.

"It’s been over a year since the SarsCOV2 variant emerged, and we now have more solutions, including immunizations, to help protect individuals and communities," she started her post.

"I am beyond privileged to receive my first dose of mRNA to teach my cells to amount a protective immune response to this virus," Gates continued. "As a medical student and aspiring physician, I am grateful it will give me protection and safety for my future practice."

"I’d urge everyone to read more and strongly consider it for yourself and your families when you are provided the option. The more people who get immunized, the safer our communities are for everyone."

"Saying thank you doesn’t begin to describe my gratitude for the physicians, scientists, public health experts, pharmacists and so many others who made this achievement in modern medicine possible," she went on.

"Our healthcare workers have been working tirelessly to save as many lives as possible, and this vaccine will only increase their ability to succeed," Gates ended. "PS I’ll still be wearing my mask (or two!) after receiving my second dose- hope that’s self explanatory, and if it’s not lmk if I can provide resources."

"PPS sadly the vaccine did NOT implant my genius father into my brain – if only mRNA had that power…..!"

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