Bizarre moment van chases truck along street before both drivers hurl objects – and then ram into each other

THIS is the bizarre moment a pair of road rage drivers race along suburban streets before one slams into the other.

Dashcam footage shows a truck being pursued by a white van that shoots out of a junction after it.

The van then stops at a crossroads before the driver hops out and appears to scoop something off the ground.

Ahead the truck suddenly halts before a man gets out of it and runs towards the van while throwing something.

The white van than manoeuvres and comes to a halt over the junction.

The driver of the flat bed truck responds by reversing straight into the side of the van.

Both vehicles then head off in the same direction with the white van swiping the side of the truck as they head up a hill.

The white van is forced to slam on its brakes, allowing the truck to speed ahead of it.

It then takes up pursuit again.

The clip was taken in Bournemouth and has been shared on Facebook.

It was shared by the page Dorset Idiot Drivers Exposed, with the comment: “These guys need taking off the road.”

One person commented: “Standard Bournemouth”.

The time stamp incorrectly states the video was filmed in 2012 but, according to the poster it was taken in November last year.

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