Brian Laundrie 'didn't mention' missing fiancé Gabby Petito on family camping trip after returning solo from vacation

BRIAN Laundrie did not mention Gabby Petito on a family camping trip after returning home alone from their joint trip, according to his sister.

Cassie Laundrie told protesters and reporters outside her home on Monday that "nothing came up" when she saw her brother at Fort DeSoto park on September 6.

That was five days after Brian returned home to Florida from a cross country trip without Gabby.

Cassie recounted their family trip to the campground, saying they arrived "at Fort DeSoto on the 6th and we got there around 2 o'clock."

He added: "And we left around 8 because the kids had school the next day. We only stayed for about six hours."

Her parents and brother were there with her, adding Brian "had s'mores, we had dinner."

"Nothing came up," Cassie responded when asked if Brian mentioned his fiance.


Cassie begged her fugitive brother to "get us out of this horrible mess" in an interview broadcast on Tuesday.

"I worry about him," Cassie said. "I hope he's ok and then I'm angry and I don't know what to think.

Cassie came out to speak with the crowd gathered outside her house on Monday along with her husband.

Brian returned home to Florida without Gabby in the couple's van on September 1, retaining an attorney and refusing to cooperate with the police.

Gabby's mother said she pleaded with Laundrie for answers about her daughter's whereabouts but received no reply.

She then reported Gabby missing to the police on September 11.


Three days later, on September 14, Laundrie vanished from his parent's home after telling them he was going hiking in the 24,000-acre Carlton nature reserve.

His parents, Chris and Roberta, did not report him missing until three days later.

Gabby's body was found in a Wyoming national park on September 19.

Speaking just a few minutes away from her parents' North Port, Florida house, Cassie said she's angry she's been "thrown under the bus."

She also said she "doesn't know" if her brother killed Petito or if her parents are involved in his disappearance.


"I am losing my parents and my brother and my children's aunt and my future sister-in-law on top of this," Cassie told protesters outside her home.

Asked to clarify what she meant by losing her parents, Cassie responds: "They're not talking to us either," followed by "if I knew, I would say, I don't know," when asked why not.

Cassie was then asked if she thinks her parents are involved, to which she responded, "I don't know."


Cassie said she doesn't understand why she's been "thrown under the bus" with her comments to family lawyer Steven Bertolino but said she's "angry and upset" given their portrayal.

"This is not what we want to be doing. This is not how we want the world to find out when we're angry and upset. But I can't have my kids be crying for three days in a row."

Responding to the comments, Bertolino said: "I do not represent Cassie Laundrie.

"Cassie’s comments can only be attributed to the press twisting my words and hers, which were only given to clarify prior mischaracterizations by the press, with the hopes of further sensationalizing this tragic story."


On September 1, Brian and her parents paid a visit to Cassie's house, but Cassie claims she didn't know Brian was back from his trip.

"My parents wanted to surprise the kids to pick them up at school. I did not know that Brian was with them when we had previously planned to hang out with them."

She then added that the FBI came by their home and they've cooperated, but the feds took nothing from the home.

Cassie then blamed the media, saying her words were "misconstrued."

"The media ended up misconstruing what I said when they asked me if I'd seen my brother.

"Like I said in the beginning, they didn't say have you seen Brian, it was 'what's the weirdest thing about this?' It was that I haven't been able to speak to my brother."

"I tried to contact him after this and tried to contact with my family after this. I hadn't been able to speak to my brother."

She added she didn't know if he had any other burner phones.


When asked about her brother's survival skills and his possible sightings over the weekend near the Appalachian Trail, Cassie called her brother a "mediocre survivalist".

"I'd say Brian's a mediocre survivalist. It wouldn't surprise me if he could last out there a very long time, but also, I don't think anything would surprise me at this point."

Cassie also denied knowing anything about the whereabouts of her brother.

"If the FBI finds him in Timbuktu, I'd be like, well okay that's where he was. I got nothing.

"I hope my brother is alive because I want answers just as much as everybody else," she added.


Cassie denied ever seeing her brother and his fiance fight, replying with a simple "no."

She was then asked to clarify what she meant, adding, "I've never seen him be angry."

One of the protesters said they've spoken to neighbors who said they've heard screams coming from Laundrie's parent's household where Laundrie and Petito were staying, but Cassie said they've gotten "into fights, like screaming" but nothing regarding domestic violence or what's been reported.

"No domestic violence, we would have done something about that."

"We're not monsters being made out to be Brian's shields."

"I'm getting ignored by my family and thrown by them under the bus by my family's attorney."

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