Brian Laundrie is still in the US and would struggle to escape on a plane or bus for crucial reasons, PI says

BRIAN Laundrie can't escape using a bus or a plane if he does not have photo identification despite claimed sightings of him in Mexico and Canada, a private investigator says.

Bill Warner exclusively told The Sun that restrictions on travel since 9/11 mean that Brian is still in the United States.

He added that Gabby Petito's fugitive fiancé is most likely hiding on the Appalachian Trail after visiting the popular hiking trail earlier this year.

A hiker reported seeing Brian "dazed and confused" on the trail last week saying he needed to return to his girlfriend in California after a fight.

It followed numerous alleged sightings of Brian around the country and one air stewardess who said she saw him flying to Canada.

Another person shared an image on social media which they claimed was of Brian Laundrie in a Mexican restaurant.

"You're getting a lot of misdirection here," Warner told The Sun.

"Everybody swears it's him. He's in Mexico or he's in the Bahamas, or he's in Canada.

"First of all, you can't leave the country," he argued.

"After 9/11, there's big restrictions on going on a bus, going on a plane, going across the border. You have to have a verifiable ID from a government agency with a picture on it.

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"He doesn't have that right now."

A family source revealed last week that Brian left his phone and wallet behind after reportedly going on a hike in the Carlton Reserve on September 14.

It has since emerged that the phone was a "burner" that Brian purchased that day in an AT&T store accompanied by an "older woman."

Later that day, his parents Roberta and Chris claim Brian used their Mustang to drive to the hike.

The FBI came to the house and tried to talk to Brian in the meantime but they did not reveal he was not home.

Two days after he left for the hike and never returned, Brian's parents drove the Mustang home.

They didn't report him missing until September 17.


Gabby's body was found in Wyoming two days later and he was named a person of interest.

A warrant was issued for his arrest for misuse of a debit card that didn't belong to him on August 30.

The last known sighting of Gabby is on August 27when Brian had an argument with a waitress in a restaurant.

FBI Denver has said they believe she died between August 27 and August 30.

It remains unclear if Brian has any form of I.D. on him as he is still on the run.

"He doesn't have the resources to leave the country,"Warner said.

"He's in the United States somewhere most likely the Appalachian Trail.

"There's no way to track him up there at this point. It's hard it's very difficult.

"And all these misdirections are very confusing to everybody. Nobody knows what to believe anymore."


He slammed Dog the Bounty Hunter for setting up his own search and claimed he is guilty of an "obstruction of justice" as the FBI should be allowed to do its work on the case unhindered.

"He can say whatever he wants, and of course he's been on TV for years, the media is gonna write to him," Warner said.

"Well, no, Dog initially said that Brian got on a bus and left the area. You can't get on a bus without an I.D.

"It's not possible."

Warner has branded Brian a "mastermind" for leaving behind his wallet when he left his family home in Florida and that it appeared the 23-year-old is "well aware of law enforcement tracking techniques."

"This is usually what people on the run do," he said.

"They just go dark, hide everything. They don't take a car, they don't take a phone. They don't take any ID, but they can't be identified."


Dog the Bounty Hunter is reportedly currently following a tip from a hiker who said Brian was spotted on the Appalachian Trail.

On October 2, 2021, Dennis Davis was making a three-point turn on Waterville Road in Hartford, Tennessee, when he spotted a man in a white pickup truck flashing his lights and waving.

Davis, 53, described the driver as looking "messed up" at around 12:35am local time and recalled how the man he believes to be Brian admitted that he was lost.

At this point, the mystery man told Davis that he was trying to go to California and said: "'My girlfriend and I got into a fight, but she called me and told me that she loved me — and I’ve got to get to California to see her.'"

Although Davis told him to take the I-40, the man reject his instructions and vowed to "keep driving down this road" because he believed it would take him to California.

Davis was planning on sleeping in a parking lot that night, the strange but the encounter scared him so he decided against it.

Brian has now been missing for almost three weeks.

The search for him continued on Tuesday as his sister Cassie spoke out and told him to turn himself in.

She claims to have no knowledge of what happened to Gabby or where her brother is despite meeting with him on two occasions after he returned to Flordia without his fiancée.

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