Cafe owner fires back after being slammed for barista ad wording

Cafe owner cops backlash for controversial wording of her ad for a barista – as she looks for someone with ‘no dramas’, ‘looks half-way decent’ and ‘has some morals’

  • Gold Coast cafe hiring ‘female barista’
  • People claim wording excludes applicants 
  • Cafe owner insisted she is not sexist

A cafe owner is unapologetic after receiving backlash over her controversial job ad for a new barista. 

Jekyll and Hyde Coffee Lab in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast, has been searching for a new barista since September. 

Owner Georgina Rebecca Clothier initially wanted ‘experienced baristas’ to apply but on Tuesday switched to calling for female applicants. 

The advertisement was shared on the cafe’s social media pages with many claiming the wording excluded baristas who do not identify as female. 

Ms Clothier defended the ad insisting it never said male baristas cannot apply. 

Jekyll and Hyde Coffee Lab in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast shared an ad on the cafe’s Instagram page calling for experienced baristas (pictured)

The cafe’s owner faced backlash over the advertisement with many claiming the wording excluded applicants who did not identify as female (pictured, Jekyll and Hyde Coffee Lab)

‘That’s where you, and a few other people who commented on it, are getting it wrong,’ Ms Clothier told the Gold Coast Bulletin. 

‘You can go on Facebook, and people take everything the wrong way. If you’re a sensitive person, that’s how you’re going to look at it.

‘Nowhere does it say ‘only’ female baristas.’

It comes after Ms Clothier complained about the difficulty of finding good staff in a post shared to Instagram and Facebook in January. 

Ms Clothier shared a detailed list of attributes a successful applicant will need to secure a job at the cafe and claimed it was like looking for a ‘rare specimen’. 

‘Looking for someone who wants to stick around, does not intend to go to uni, can commit to turning up five days a week,’ Ms Clothier wrote. 

‘Lives a fairly normal life with no dramas on the daily, can smile, be genuine, have a funny bone in their body, looks half way decent, drives a car, has some morals, is a team player, doesn’t want to sit on their phone every 10 minutes.

It comes after Ms Clothier complained about the difficulty of finding good staff and provided a detailed list of the attributes an applicant needs to secure a job at the cafe (pictured)

‘Has pride in themselves and their work, can start at 5.30am, is available on Saturdays, isn’t righteous, and most importantly can make coffee,’ she added. 

‘Is that alot (sic) to ask for? I think so because there doesn’t seem to be many of these rare specimens around. Please don’t waste my time because I’m over it.’ 

Ms Clothier also insisted she is not sexist and rejected claims the ad was ‘sex discrimination’. 

The unapologetic owner explained the cafe has successfully worked with male and female staff since it opened its doors in 2018. 

‘I am not sexist – if you and other people want to take it that way that’s a personal preference to them,’ Ms Clothier said. 

‘This is not coming from a place of badness at all – I’m a person who own a business and I’m trying to employ people from my local community and now I’m going to get scathed for it.’

Staff seen at work at the Jekyll and Hyde Coffee Lab in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast

Under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 it is unlawful to discriminate against a person because of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex status, marital status, relationship status, pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Jekyll and Hyde Coffee Lab for comment. 

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