Corrupt WHO was never going to get to the bottom of where Covid originated from

The World Health Organisation (WHO) had one job. To work out who-dunnit.

The international organisation was meant to spend months working out where the Coronavirus came from.

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It is something we need to get the truth on.

Because the virus has crashed the global economy and seen us shuttered in our houses for nearly a year now.

If we are going to stop this ever happening again then understanding how the virus came about is very important.

Yet just 27 days after its investigators arrived in Wuhan, from where the virus began, it has already come to some key conclusions.

It’s report yesterday is a total whitewash of China.

The organisation has ruled out both main explanations for where the virus came from.

It has ruled out the theory that the virus came from a ‘wet-market’.

And it has declared it ‘extremely unlikely’ that the virus came from the Chinese government laboratory in Wuhan which just happens to deal with such viruses.


It has even pretended that there is no evidence of transmission ‘in Wuhan or elsewhere’ before December 2019.

Instead they have come up with a new theory. Which is that the virus came from meat imported into China.

As chance would have it, this is exactly the conclusion that the Communist Party of China has been hoping the world would believe.

Because it allows the Communist Party of China to blame outside forces for the virus.

The WHO was never going to get to the bottom of this. Like many international bodies it is a corrupted organisation.

It cannot get to the truth because China has corrupted it. Under Donald Trump America pulled its funding from WHO last year in protest that it had been improperly influenced by the Asian giant.

For example, in recent years WHO has increasingly toed the CCP line on the question of Taiwan, even ignoring evidence from China’s enemy that could have helped in the early days of the Corona crisis.

Now the whole world can see just how corrupt it is.

But the world should not be fooled. From the start of this virus Beijing has behaved as a guilty party.


The CCP has spent the last year disappearing scientists who knew about the origins of the virus.

And they have imprisoned journalists caught investigating the question.

And just weeks ago undercover footage obtained by ITV showed Chinese medics saying the government ordered them not to discuss the fact that the virus could transmit to humans.

No state would do this unless it had something to hide.

And China clearly has a lot to hide. As multiple intelligence sources have said, the origins of the virus are deeply suspicious.

And whether the virus came out accidentally or not it is very convenient that China has benefited so much from the rest of the world’s economies crashing.

But now the WHO have tried to shut all this down. In a sinister move ‘Big Tech’ has joined them.

Facebook has said it will crackdown on ‘misinformation’ about Covid.

So here we see the threat of our time. The ganging-up of international institutions and Big Tech with the communists in Beijing.

The world needs answers about the last year.

But as the WHO has proved, we are going to have to look elsewhere to get them.

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