Cuomo calls JFK terminal-turned-hotel ‘sexy,’ internet cringes

It’s TMI at the TWA hotel.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo overshared his adoration for the new inn at JFK airport Wednesday, by musing aloud that he couldn’t call the terminal it’s built in “sexy” because people would ask him its gender and how to “touch” it.

The governor made the bizarre remarks after hotel developer Tyler Morse called the old TWA terminal that’s been converted into a 512-bed hotel “sexy.”

“Mr. Tyler Morse, I’m still trying to process this,” Cuomo said. “You see, I cannot refer to a terminal as a ‘sexy’ terminal. That would then raise all sorts of follow-up questions. Is it a male terminal? Is it a female terminal? What is the sexual orientation of the terminal? How do you touch the terminal? It would be a hell of a complicated thing.”

Cuomo did not clarify his remarks and was not available to reporters afterward.

The gaffe elicited disgust from social media users, who questioned why the governor would make such cringe-inducing statements.

“Before all speaking engagements @NYGovCuomo should be required to pass a pee test,” one person tweeted.

Another simply tweeted: “Ew.”

It’s not the first time Cuomo has gone off script to make an oddly sexual remark during a public appearance.

During a debate with Republican challenger Marc Molinaro last year, Cuomo invited veteran CBS political reporter Marcia Kramer into the shower with him.

Kramer asked Cuomo to sing a few bars of his favorite song, and he refused, saying, “In the shower, I can do it. That’s a campaign killer. Unless you come to the shower,” Patch reported.

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