Dead baby boy discovered in public toilet after reports of ‘murky’ blockage

The body of a baby boy was found inside a public toilet after a taxi driver went to investigate reports of the bowl being clogged with "blood and water".

Taxi driver Wan Subhi Wan Jusoh and three of his friends went to the toilet, at a bus terminal, after a cleaner found it filled with a murky red mixture on the morning of September 23.

Police were then called to Kuantan Sentral Terminal in Kuantan, the capital of Malaysia's eastern state of Pahang, who confirmed the discovery of a premature baby boy's body inside the toilet bowl.

The cabbie, 54, told local media: "When flushing the toilet, the water spilled out. At first, we thought someone threw a sanitary pad, but upon checking we saw an umbilical cord.

"One of us used a wire to remove the umbilical cord. Even after removing the cord, the toilet was still clogged. We suspected there must be a baby trapped since there was an umbilical cord and contacted the police."

ACP Mohamad Noor Yusof Ali, chief of Kuantan District police, revealed that CCTV footage from the bus terminal captured a woman entering the toilet just before 6am local time with a suitcase.

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