How do I deposit dividend checks after missing deadline?

Dear John: In my experience, finding a stale check isn’t that unusual — although finding one for more than $1,000 is.

I get dividend checks from Wells Fargo and my hit rate on depositing them is no better than 50 percent. Every couple of years it sends me a letter yelling at me for not depositing a list of the following checks, then the list of checks. I then tick the box and send it back, and Wells Fargo sends me a check for the undeposited dividends and tells me to tear up the old checks.

I’ve tried to sign up for direct deposit, but while I won’t bore you with the details, the bank doesn’t make it easy.

In Massachusetts, the state treasurer publishes an unclaimed property list a couple of times a year and promotes it in the papers and on radio, plus you can go on a Web site and search for your name anytime you want. T.O.

Dear T.O.: Because everyone else is going to wonder: Why don’t you cash your checks?

If you don’t need the money, give it to charity. Or buy rounds for people at the bar. Do anything but give it to the state.


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