Devastating images show homes ripped to shreds in 111mph Dallas tornado as killer storms batter US states – The Sun

THE US city of Dallas has been ripped to shreds after a 111mph tornado tore through homes and buildings, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

Immeasurable damage has been done to hundreds of buildings, cars and roads with nine casualties and four confirmed fatalities further afield after freak follow-on storms in Arkansas.

About 3in of rainfall was also recorded, but there are no flash flood warnings in place.

The weird weather was part of a larger extreme weather outbreak with close to 200 reports of "severe" conditions in the surrounding areas.

Reports poured in from all over the massive state – which could fit the UK in 2.8 times – right up to the Illinois/ Missouri border.

Huge power outages left around 60,000 residents without electricity as giant balls of hail shattered glass and destroyed buildings.

Most injuries are thought to have been caused by broken glass, with three people hospitalised with "non-life-threatening injuries."

Cars were pinned under huge trees with roofs, doors and shutters ripped off buildings throughout the city of Dallas.

Radar scans analysed after the event show a "debris ball" signature where the funnel of the typhoon had hoovered up parts of buildings, cars and trees and was hurtling the materials around at two miles above ground level.

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