Dolphin is found suffocated to death by a DIAPER

Dolphin is found suffocated to death by a DIAPER that got caught in its teeth and throat while it swam off the coast of Mexico

  • The dolphin washed up on Bacocho beach in Puerto Escondido, southern Mexico
  • It was found to have suffocated after a diaper got stuck in its teeth and throat 
  • Local people also found that the animal had several wounds on its body and fins

These horrifying images show a a dead dolphin that washed up on a beach with a diaper stuck in its mouth and a broken jaw.

Tourists and fishermen, who spotted the washed-up striped dolphin with the man-made waste still attached to its teeth, believe it died from suffocation. 

The mammal was found on the Bacocho beach in the municipality of Puerto Escondido, in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. 

Gory photos showed extensive damage to the dolphin’s body and a broken jaw with pieces of diaper inside

The animal was found tragically death by locals in southern Mexico and is believed to have suffocated

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Local media report San Pedro Mixtepec Clean Beaches Committee, who found the female dolphin, said it had received blows all over its body and injuries to its fins as well as a broken jaw.

Mexican authorities, among them the Federal Prosecution for the Environment Protection (PROFEPA) and the secretary of Environmental and Natural Resources along with the Sea University are investigating the case in order to discover the cause of the death of the mammal.

The striped dolphin was reportedly 1.57 metres (5.15 feet) long and weighed around 100 kilogrammes (220 lbs).

Authorities have now removed the dolphin’s body from the beach. 

The striped dolphin inhabits temperate or tropical, off-shore waters and is found in abundance in the North and South Atlantic Oceans, including the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. 

Mexican authorities, among them the Federal Prosecution for the Environment Protection (PROFEPA) are now investigating

Sea creatures are frequently killed by man-made waste which has floated out to sea. 

Recent pictures filmed by the BBC showed an albatross chick which died from eating a plastic toothpick that pierced its intestine. 

A sperm whale was also filmed with its head stuck in a plastic bucket after trying to eat it having confused it for food. 

Over 100,000 marine creatures are said to die each year as a result of plastic pollution while over a million birds are killed. 

The Mail’s Turn the Tide on Plastic campaign is highlighting the scourge of waste in our oceans. 

This image shows a coelacanth lying next to a Lay’s crisp packet that had become wrapped around its intestines off the coast of Indonesia

A huge whale with a bucket trapped around its jaw after trying to eat is having mistaken it for food

An albatross chick that was killed by a toothpick which pierced its intestines after the bird swallowed it

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