EU wants to punish Brexit Britain because THEY won't hit vaccination targets until 2024

IT’S funny how the tables can turn isn’t it? Just one month ago this country was being bullied by the EU — and France in particular.

Under the guise of Covid the French President tried an early punishment-beating of this country for daring to leave the EU. Huge backlogs of trucks began to form at Dover.

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How happy some of our still bitter Remainers were at the sight.

This was what they wanted.

They wanted the British to have supply issues.

They wanted us to be made to learn a lesson.

They wanted the British to be forced to learn the error of our ways.

Well here we are a month later, and how different everything looks now.

Thanks to our world-class researchers at Oxford this country came up with one of the most successful Covid vaccines in record time.

Our Government and health professions then made sure that the vaccine was rolled-out as fast as possible.

In a nation which likes to moan, it is worth stopping to consider this for a moment.

We do ourselves down. We like to moan about almost everyone in any position of authority.

But to date this country is one of the world-leaders at protecting our population from this terrible virus.

The UK is vaccinating around 400,000 of our most vulnerable every single day.

By the middle of February a staggering 15million people will have had their jab.

Very few countries have managed anything like this success.

None of them are anywhere near the size of Great Britain.

So already this is a great achievement of which this country should feel very proud.

But how is it going on the other side of the Channel?

Well, it’s not going so well.

France’s vaccination programme started weeks after the UK’s.

Just 700 people were vaccinated in the first week.

Things have picked up since then.

But still, more people were vaccinated in the UK in just a few days last week than have been vaccinated in France in total.

It’s the same story across the EU. As always the organisation has responded to events slowly and ploddingly, insisting that no country can race ahead if they are a member.

On current trends the EU won’t reach its vaccine targets until March 2024.

Some of its members like Bulgaria won’t make it there until 2040.

So keep that one off the holiday bucket-list.

Of course the blame-game has already begun.

At first the EU quarrelled among itself.

The French and Germans argued about whose vaccines should be bought and what quantity they should be bought in.

The Italians were told that they’d have to increase their vaccine rate by 10 times to make EU targets.

Now they have directed their ire towards this country.

The fact is that things are going well for the UK compared to our neighbours. In recent weeks our country has shown itself to be innovative and efficient. 

We should feel deeply proud of that fact. But accept that some people will not forgive us for it.

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