Ex-teacher mum-of-two, 49, quits classroom to rake in £58,000-a-year selling X-rated snaps on OnlyFans

A FORMER teacher has swapped the classroom for the bedroom by joining OnlyFans to rake in £58,400-a-year.

Jane Thomas-Charlton, 49, used to earn £36,000 from her school job – but now nets £160-a-day selling saucy snaps of herself.

The married mum-of-two was introduced to the website – which allows creators to sell sexy pictures and videos online – by a pal.

She said she has sent topless photos and posed in her undies but she insists it’s not as racy as many people think.

“Often I post a picture of me doing something normal like about to go on the school run in the car.” she said.

“Somebody will send me five pounds and say you look good today,” she added.

She was forced to give up her teaching job and turned to the X-rated job to help top up their family income.


Husband Mark, 55, earns £290-per-week as a bus driver.

Jane, of Stockton–on-Tees, County Durham, said: “I want the best for my family and my boys which is why I’m doing this.

“It’s helping us to survive.”

But her teenage boys, aged 18 and 16, have had contrasting reactions.

“My eldest was mortified by it,” she said.

‘‘I told him it wasn’t like I was a porn star. Celebrities do it. My youngest is doing his GCSEs and he is fine about it.

“As long as my husband and kids are okay about it I don’t mind what other people think."

And her new side-hustle has had an extra bonus – it’s spiced up Jane’s sex life.

“I didn’t feel sexy before but since being on OnlyFans my sex life has improved,” she said

She said: “My husband understands.

“All he was concerned about was my safety. He just asked me to make sure it was safe.

“I am so careful about it and will only send explicit images to people I trust which comes back to being a teacher.

“I’m in complete control and won’t ever do anything I’m uncomfortable with. I even tell all my fans I’m happily married with kids.

“When my friend Shelley told me about OnlyFans I had never even heard of it but she told me to look into it.


“I thought nobody would want a middle aged mum like me on there and I spoke to my husband beforehand.

“I was actually taken aback by how many younger men were on there who said they like older women and how they don’t like skin and bone and lips.

“They wanted someone natural and older.”

“On my profile page I will never post anything revealing, just maybe a picture of me getting out of the shower just to tease but without showing anything.

“I then wait for men to message me and I approach it like I did teaching.

“I build a relationship and only then will I post a topless photo or just me in my undies.

“You meet some genuinely lovely people on there and I talk to them every single day.

“They like me for who I am as a person and they will ask sometimes what I’m up to and they don’t mean am I ironing my clothes in the nude."

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