Food inspectors threaten to shut restaurant over its ‘obscene’ sexy dancers

Food inspectors are threatening to shut down a seafood restaurant for five years, due to its scantily-clad table dancers.

The footage taken in Chonburi, Thailand, shows three women wearing low cut tops and knickers, has been viewed by millions.

Customers, including a family with a toddler, seemed to be enjoying the display at at the venue called Bor Tok Gung SS Bor Win.

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Chonburi governor Pattaratorn Tianchai has asked Siracha district officials to inspect the restaurant, and potentially close it down for up to five years.

He said that the dance is considered public obscenity and should not be held in an establishment that registers itself as a restaurant.

Bor Tok Gung SS Bor Win is a seafood restaurant, where customers can choose their live food from tanks, before it is prepared and served.

It is not known when the footage was taken or whether the dancers were there as a one-off or if they regularly perform there.

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